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Protocol Analyzers / Sniffers

1. Active IP Sensor 2.5.5
  Monitors the status of local IP ports in real-time as they are opened, become active and deactivated again

2. AnetTest 1.0
  Designed for automated testing of network devices and applications, is equipped with packet generator and interceptor (a sniffer), is user-friendly and simple to use

3. Assniffe 0.2 Alpha
  A Windows based utility that automatically does network sniffing and saves results

4. Atelier Web Ports Traffic Analyzer 2.34 Build 765
  Atelier Web Ports Traffic Analyzer is a compact solution specially designed to monitor you inbound and outbound Internet traffic and generate logs

5. BigMother 2.63.0126
  A user-friendly and easily configured according to your needs application that can be used as a switch sniffer

6. Bill Serial Port Monitor 3.0T
  Bill Serial Port Monitor is a simple to use application that allows to do bi-directional monitoring of RS-232 serial communication between two devices without using a physical connection

7. BitAnalyzer 1.0
  An interesting network traffic analyzing tool that is able to find exactly from which address media streams are being downloaded

8. Colasoft Capsa Enterprise 6.9 Build 1146
  A handy network monitoring application that will allow you to intercept any packet and analyze its protocol reliably and efficiently, is user- friendly and intuitive.

9. CommView for WiFi 6.1 Build 625
  Will allow to detect wireless networks with 802.11 a b g support and capture traffic without a problem

10. CommView 6.1 Build 622
  Will enable you to easily and efficiently do network monitoring, can capture and analyze protocol packets on any Ethernet network

11. daSniff 1.41
  daSniff is a flexible open source solution for Win 32 systems that can do packets sniffing and can be customized to your needs

12. EtherDetect Packet Sniffer 1.41
  Will make connection oriented packet sniffing and protocol analyzing easily and efficiently, is simple to use

13. Free HTTP Sniffer 1.1 Build 20080704
  A tracing tool that will painstakingly scan all data streams on you local network in order to identify and capture URL addresses.

14. HttpDetect EffeTech HTTP Sniffer 4.1
  A versatile network tool that efficiently does many things like HTTP packets sniffing, protocol analyzing, rebuilding of content and monitoring of HTTP traffic

15. HTTPSniffer 1.2
  Capture traffic packets and analyze all HTTP based communications with the help of an easy-to-use and user-friendly HTTP Sniffer application

16. IM Sniffer 1.0.344
  Enables monitoring and decoding of all inbound and outbound traffic generated by instant messaging clients installed on a computer; is easy to use

17. IMBoss MSN Sniffer Monitor 1.0.71101
  Will monitor, capture and export to an HTML file for you to see all MSN messenger conversations on your local network, queries and logs.

18. LeadByte NetworkSmart Express 4.3
  A versatile network tool that efficiently does many things like packet decoding, Wide-Area Network simulation and optimization of application profiles

19. MaaTec Network Analyzer 1.70
  A network analyzing solution that is simple to use, equipped with a set of useful functions like statistics and filtering, has a user-friendly intuitive graphic interface

20. MING Chat Monitor Home 2.1
  Will make it possible to stealthily monitor and record message exchange between users of instant messaging networks such as AOL, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ

21. MKN NetSniffer Console 1.0
  A compact, fast and efficient utility to monitor traffic on your local network; is reach in useful functions

22. NetMon 1.0.0 Build 50
  An easy-to-use IP network sniffer with user-friendly graphic interface; is able to capture data packets from the traffic, analyze protocols and display the results or direct data to a plug-in

23. Network Packet Analyzer CAPSA 6.9 Build 1143
  A handy network monitoring application specially designed for network sniffing, is able to intercept each and any packet, comes equipped with a versatile and efficient decoding function for protocols

24. NGS Sniffer for MSN Lite 1.0 Bul d1.0.1.38
  A sniffer solution for MSN Messenger monitoring that can easily intercept data packets of MSN Messenger exchange on your local area network capturing the content of messages.

25. NGS Sniffer for MSN 1.0 Build
  A sniffer solution for MSN Messenger monitoring that can easily intercept data packets of MSN Messenger chats and analyze Microsoft Notification protocol (MSNP).

26. Packet Excalibur 1.0.2
  A network packet engine that will run on multiple platforms, has graphical interface and supports scripts, the protocol descriptions are text based and can be extended

27. PacketViewer 1.2.3263
  Will efficiently detect IP protocol packets for you, is compact and user-friendly

28. Paessler Card Packet Counter 2.0
  Does efficient packet interception and analyses for LAN cards.

29. Process And Port Analyzer 2.0
  Process And Port Analyzer is a specialized network solution that can do useful things like analyzing network connections and port processes in real-time

30. Protocol Reader 1.0.1
  Will make generation of protocol decoders a simple task for developers providing them with an integrated environment

31. Schnauzer 1.0
  A Windows application that can be used as a packet sniffing tool capable of promiscuous mode capture and analyzing of IP packets

32. SmartSniff 1.45
  Enables network sniffing, can intercept TCP/IP protocol packets and present intercepted data in readable form as sequence of conversations

33. Sniff O Matic 1.07 Build 1021
  A compact and efficient network tool that does many things like analyzing of network protocols and capturing packets (sniffing)

34. SniffPass 1.07
  Intercepts and reports to you all passwords captured from the network traffic passing through your LAN adapter.

35. SNOT
  Capture and analyses network protocol packets; has a useful feature of adding comments

36. Softperfect Network Sniffer 2.6
  Will efficiently capture packets and analyze their protocols, a good sniffing tool for anyone

37. SSL Sniffer 1.0
  An unpretentious but powerful packet interceptor to sniff on HTTP, SSL and HTTPS; can be integrated into Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0 and all applications based on a Win32 Internet Extensions (WinINET) API

38. SurfRecorder 1.0
  SurfRecorder is a compact networking solution for efficiently doing such things like local network packet sniffing, analysis of protocols and rebuilding of files.

39. TrafMeter 7.5.444
  Will do some useful things for an Internet user like monitoring of traffic in real-time and keeping accounts

40. Web Sniffer 0.0.14
  Web Sniffer is a simple and functional application that can perform as a proxy server, allowing to intercept all inbound and outbound data packets that are based on HTTP protocol

41. WinTcpSpy 1.0
  A compact, fast and efficient utility to capture and analyze TCP packets, is user-friendly and intuitive.

42. Wireless Snif 4.132
  Network Sniffer is a tool that analyses network protocol packets; is also enhanced by additional tools like tcpdump and tcpflow

43. Wireshark 1.1.3
  A free multiplatform utility that will allow to make network protocol analysis; runs under Windows and Unix

44. WotWeb 1.08
  Will scan specifically for active Web servers identifying and then displaying opened ports

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