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1. AccelClip 3.0.0 Build 2306
  An innovative, feature-rich and highly functional extension for the conventional clipboard that is equipped with integrated file viewer and can do a lot more!

2. AceText 2.1.6
  Serves as a great innovative extension for the conventional Windows clipboard, enabling you to do much more than simple coping and pasting

3. Advanced Clipboard Manager 3.0.1
  A compact and user-friendly tool for managing clipboard contents

4. AutoKeys Automatic Typing Macros 2.1
  Makes it possible to eliminate typing, to answer hundreds of emails a day and complete any form saving you free time and efforts!

5. Buffer 2.1 Build 143
  Your work on a personal computer has never been so fast, accurate and effort-saving

6. Clipboard Buddy 3.1.2 Build 108
  A simple and user-friendly clip board utility with full array of useful function; is highly flexible and can be customized for any task as you see it fit

7. Clipboard Help+Spell 1.24.01
  A functional application for capturing data to clipboard, comes equipped with a lot of useful features such as history, favorites, text spelling and formatting and many more

8. Clipboard Helper
  Clipboard Helper is exactly the application that will come to your rescue when you need to do a lot of copy-paste, saving you the better half of time and efforts

9. ClipBoardCC 3.4.0
  Will save you time and efforts by easily organizing your text or image files into a manageable database.

10. ClipboardFusion 1.4.1
  A simple and very compact tool that monitors your clipboard in background mode just sitting in the system tray.

11. Clipboard 1.3
  Gives access to a clipboard from the command line

12. ClipCache Pro 3.4.2
  An elegant, feature-rich and highly functional extension for the conventional clipboard that can do a lot more!

13. ClipDiary 2.1
  A compact utility that will keep the clipboard history for you, works quickly and efficiently.

14. ClipPad 2.0
  Makes pasting more functional and convenient by integrating a powerful drag-and-drop function with the Windows taskbar

15. Clipstory 1.1
  A clipboard utility that has an integrated history function, copy and paste without limits!

16. ClipTalk 1.21
  Runs in a background mode with just an icon in the tray and is capable of pronouncing aloud the text captured to the clipboard

17. Comfort Clipboard Lite
  A lite edition of your personal secure clipboard managing tool

18. CopyDream 1.2 Beta
  Will make it possible to save your time and efforts by avoiding typing, will easily insert pre-written text fragments into any Windows application

19. CrossClip 1.7
  Makes it simple and easy to share clipboard contents between different platforms!

20. eMail Clipper 2.1
  This is a Windows based application that makes your work with the clipboard much more efficient. It makes it easy to save various data that you commonly use such as replies, messages, letters, addresses and images and then quickly send them to the clipboard to be pasted wherever you need them to.

21. FastPaste 2.63
  Makes it much more convenient to paste frequently used texts and images then the conventional way allows to

22. InsideClipboard 1.10
  Makes it possible to view the stored contents of a clipboard, supports all formats

23. Multi Clipboard 09.04.01
  Will make it easy and simple to do copying to the Windows Clipboard, supports up to 1 000 fields for pre-written text

24. nbClipboard 1.1.0
  Extends functionality of the conventional Windows clipboard by adding stack, queue and simple text transformations features.

25. PasteCopy.NET 0.9
  A simple to use organizing tool for the clipboard that will save you lots of time and effort.

26. PasteItIn 1.3
  A simple and user-friendly solution that will make it easy to cut and paste between applications.

27. Portable Pinpoint SafeCopy 2.2.39
  A perfect tool for forensic specialists, will collect and manage forensic sound files

28. Quik Paste
  An efficient and helpful optimizer for all kinds of your activities.

29. Read 4 Me
  Will save you from reading documents and emails, giving you more free time.

30. Talking Clipboard
  A feature-rich application to convert speech into text, saves time for typing

31. TimeSnapper Professional
  An interesting application that can be launched in a background mode and will run like that for weeks, meanwhile screen capturing all your activities every several seconds and saving the shots

32. TrimClip 1.0
  A simple and very compact tool that monitors your clipboard in background mode just sitting in the taskbar notification area.

33. Ultimate Copy Paste 1.0.3368.28627
  The tool was designed as a functional alternative to a conventional clipboard, it is multipurpose and equipped with visual viewer and saving function.

34. Visual Clipboard LE 2.2
  Visual Clipboard LE will help you to efficiently manage the contents of the clipboard, supports text and image formats.

35. Visual Clipboard Pro 2.3
  A history manager for the clipboard, very simple to use and really handy

36. ViVi MouseAid 1.0.1
  Extends the functionality of the mouse gesture applications and Windows clipboard.

37. xNeat Clipboard Manager
  Manages all the contents copied to the clipboard by keeping track of them and providing quick access at your request.

38. Your Clipboard 1.0 Build 2
  Will add much more functionality to conventional cut, copy and paste functions of OS Windows saving you lots of time and effort.

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