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Diary / Organizers / Calendar

1. ABC Birthday Reminder 1.5
  An elegant-looking birthday reminding tool that is extremely functional, customizable and simple to use

2. Ace Contact Manager 7.0.29
  A network based application that will take care of managing your contacts in a perfect way making the collection grow as need be, is simple to install

3. AM-Notebook Lite 5.1.0 Final
  A system tray resident utility that integrates an alarm clock and a tool for notes organizing

4. AM-Notebook Pro 5.1.0 Final
  A system tray resident utility that integrates an alarm clock, a tool for notes organizing and a handy address book

5. Aml Pages 9.10 Build 2021 Beta / 9.09 Build 2016
  A useful organizer for all kinds of notes that arranges them in to a tree-like hierarchy acceding to your needs.

6. AnyNotes 5.02
  Creates a tree-like database to store your notes, images, web pages, links and reminders in a perfectly organized and efficient way

7. Arca CookingAction 2009
  The best in the world utility for perfect and easiest management of your collection of shopping lists and recipes!

8. Arca ShoppingList 2009
  A simple and handy application that will help you to create and manage grocery lists

9. BrainStorm Year Planner
  Will generate a personal journal or a calendar reminder for you for any year between 1753 and 2199

10. Bud 2009.3.0.0
  A time managing program for Windows that integrates an organizer with a sidebar, a calendar, a reminding tool for dates and events, an outlook tool and includes a lot of ready-to-use templates

11. Car Wash Calendar 1.4
  A car wash scheduler that is user-friendly and efficient

12. Contact Plus Personal 3.2
  A famous application for contact management with enabled Internet functionality

13. CreativeNotes Desktop Edition 4.0 Build 873
  Will organize your thoughts and ideas in perfect and easy to manage way

14. ErgoNotes 1.6
  An XML format based application designed as an organizer for your notes and memos that will keep the track of them by creating a tree-like hierarchy and save them to a file

15. Exstora Pro 2.4
  By making just a couple of mouse clicks you will easily write down a text note, save a contact information or schedule an important event or date not to forget about them

16. Exstora 2.4
  An innovative software that will remind your about important things in an unusual way

17. Gantt Chart 1.9
  Will help you to generate and manage perfect schedules in order to plan you projects; is comprehensive and feature rich.

18. Google Calendar Client 1.5
  A very compact and handy "green" client application for multiple Google Calendars to retrieve and sort events

19. GrizeR 1.6 Build 49
  A comprehensive reminder to organize important events, holidays, birthdays and what not

20. Mindful Lite
  A handy user-friendly event reminder with integrated password managing function

21. Mindful
  A handy user-friendly event reminder, compact and reliable

22. MyLife Organized 2.5.1
  Equipped with Outlook and Mind Manager synchronization features this application will be a perfect to-do list manager for your

23. Note Mania 1.62
  A personal note-based information management tool with extremely flexible and feature-rich functionality that can be customized to suit your needs perfectly.

24. Note Thing 1.0.8
  A very simple and convenient information manager that will put in order your personal tasks and contacts.

25. Open Contacts 5.3.7
  Keeps a track of contact details for you, is compact and user-friendly

26. OrganiZATOR 5.8.1
  An innovative application that surely will teach you some unusual ideas about efficient information management that you have never imagined to exist

27. OrgCourier 2.1
  Become a perfect time manager with this state-of-the-art and enormously efficient software solution that is user-friendly and a lot of fun to use.

28. orGenta 1.3.2 Build 794
  A handy organizing software solution that will take care of assigning sentences that you have typed to different categories

29. PhotoLab Calendar 1.8
  A business planning application specially designed for professional photographers and digital imaging services to facilitate and optimize their work scheduling.

30. Qutie 1.0
  An efficient and convenient alarm planner that quietly sits in background till the time comes!

31. ReminderCube 4.2
  A useful calendar application that will take care of reminding you about important events and dates

32. Repair Shop Calendar for Workgroup 2.3
  An application specially designed as a time-management tool for repair workers that will streamline working schedules planning for them by eliminating possible conflicts between overlapping orders

33. SeniorMoment 2.0
  A handy user-friendly event reminder for all possible purposes

34. Smart Calendar 1.7.4
  A compact and handy utility designed for optimization of your working time by preparing helpful calendars of important events and dates

35. Student Life 3.0.8
  A helpful software tool for college students to help them organize their time in a more efficient way

36. Task Plus Professional 4.3.2
  A comprehensive calendar tool that supports multiple user scheduling

37. Task Plus
  A time and event managing application with great 3D intuitive interface that will keep an watchful eye on your appointments, alarms, scheduled dates and tasks

38. Training Manager Enterprise Edition 1.0.1084
  This powerful and feature-rich time management solution for scheduling your staff training will save you a lot of time and effort by organizing the training sessions for you employees in perfect way.

39. Training Manager Standard Edition 1.0.1084
  An ultimate time management solution for scheduling your staff training programs, will save you time and effort, is user-friendly and intuitive.

40. Tudumo
  A comprehensive next generation tool to manage your to-do lists and organize contacts and events

41. Veox Projekt Standard 5.94
  A project management solution that includes such features as work flow organization and time tracking, supports network sharing of the tasks and projects, has an integrated address book

42. VIP Simple To Do List 2.9.1 Build 3036
  Can ideally optimize your to-do lists, works quickly and is user-friendly

43. XMind 3.0.2
  A user friendly application with elegant and intuitive interface that is specially designed as a visual tool to organize and manage your thoughts and ideas in a global way

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