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Office suites

1. Adminsoft Accounts 3.158
  Allows users to keep accounts in a simple and efficient way, is fully functional and free of charge

2. Advanced Consolidation Manager 1.1.0
  A helpful add-on tool designed for merging tables and consolidation of data in Excel 2000-2007 files, has advanced functions

3. Ashampoo Office 2008 3.10 Rev 489
  This software package offers an excellent alternative to all the rest of Office Suits; is economical, efficient and fully-functional!

4. BC Excel Server 2007 Complete Standard Edition 7.1.7
  An application to ensure for authorized users free use or query of data and records contained in the internal data system.

5. BC Excel Server 2008 Enterprise Client 8.3
  Makes it easy to share MS Excel tasks over the local network

6. BusinessCards MX 3.97
  Design your own business cards with this handy software tool!

7. CHM OwnerGuard
  If you are going to share you documents in CHM format on the Net or sell them then CHM OwnerGuard will take care of protecting your ownership rights!

8. Corel WordPerfect Office X4
  A single comprehensive package of office suit applications ideally suitable for any level of users, from large organizations and government offices to business enterprises and private homes

9. Crystal Office 1.11
  Optimize your daily tasks with this comprehensive package of office applications that are perfect for your business or home; you will work faster and enjoy it all the way!

10. Duplicate Remover for Microsoft Excel
  The application makes it possible to compare lists, to locate duplicates and remove them, leaving the uniques

11. Easy Desk Office 2.0.19
  Lets you manage all your bookkeeping in a simple way, including handling of multiple accounts; keeps track of checking, invoicing, purchasing and payroll

12. Explorer for Microsoft Excel 2.1
  The application is packed with useful features, such as Excel files management, including links, names, comments, conditional formatting and hyperlinks.

13. Floppy Office 4.0
  Users can run any of these portable software programs straight from a USB drive, installation is not required

14. Grab Text 5.6
  A useful application for text recognition, is fully functional and capable of turning practically any scanned image into a text that can be edited!

15. GS-Base 7.1
  Convert your databases of flat files with the help of GS-Base that is fast and simple to use

16. GS-Calc 7.4
  Open, edit and save spreadsheets right from a USB drive with the help of this fully functional and flexible application

17. Jarte 3.3
  An easy to use Microsoft WordPad based text processor with all necessary function, including tabs.

18. Kingsoft Office 2009
  This software package is a good alternative to Microsoft Office, with which it is fully compatible; includes tools for writing, working with spreadsheets and making presentation, does not require additional training

19. Massage Director 1.00.16
  A special business management software package ideally suitable for physical therapist specializing in massage.

20. Metamation 1.21
  The application ensures all kinds of control functions over your company information exchange as a whole, such as workflow management and tracking, is able to work with an array of databases

21. minipad2 2.3.2
  A simple and efficient utility to do calculations, to make notes and various memos.

22. My xPad 2.1.3
  A fully-featured, compact package of useful office utilities, including calculator, personal information manager (PIM), encryption tools, scratch pad, notepad and others

23. NativeExcel suite 2.7.4
  Generates Excel files without OLE/DDEA, is Delphi based

24. OxygenOffice Professional presents a new package - plus Extras. As always, the software is distributed free of charge

25. P7S Signer
  Signing of several files at one time can be done with this simple program.

26. PDF/A Quick Master 4.0
  Creates PDF files from any application with printing function, is distributed for free

27. PlusOffice Free 2.4
  A fully-functional economical software package is an alternative to Microsoft Office due to an engine on which it is based

28. PPT To Video Scout 1.57
  A simple way to turn a PowerPoint presentation (PPT) into an actual movie in AVI format with sound

29. Quickbix Integration Suite 2008 4.20
  A handy utility that allows users to integrate all kinds of data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Includes such features as scheduling of imports and exports.

30. Recovery Toolbox for Excel
  Makes it possible to extract data from Microsoft Excel files which cannot be opened because of some damage or corruption

31. Recovery Toolbox for Word
  A software application that enables users to restore data from corrupted files in doc and rtf formats

32. Remove Duplicates from Excel 1.1.4
  Find and edit duplicates in your Excel spreadsheets with the help of this add-on

33. Shakti Office 1.72.23
  A unique office application that makes it possible to set Indian as one of default languages and use it in multiple office applications.

34. SoftMaker Office 2008 Rev 489
  A single software package full of useful office applications including text processor, working with spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, BASIC macros and what not!

35. Spicebird Beta 0.4 (2008011302)
  An office suite that is open source and absolutely free of charge.

36. SSuite Office The Fifth Element 2.0
  Next generation of office suit software applications for you PC

37. Text Statistics 1.0
  Users are able to track statistical information about the text they are inputting with this compact and efficient utility

38. TextMaker Viewer 2009 rev 554
  A state-or-the art word processor packed in abundance with useful features; fast and reliable, it will not fail your expectations!

39. TextSwapper 1.1
  A simple tool to change the contents of files quickly and reliably.

40. Track-IT Suite 12.1.1
  An advanced specialized application designed for time tracking and project management, includes helpful features like gathering information regarding consumed time and expenses

41. Visual Word Excel PPT PDF To Tiff View and Converter 3.81
  A useful software tool to turn Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF files into TIFF format.

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