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1. 10 Hour Schedules for 5 Days a Week 2
  A time managing software that uses templates to cover 1, 2 or 3 10 hour shifts, 5 days a week.

2. A-PDF PPT to PDF 3.0
  An easy-to-use batch converter to PDF files for MS PowerPoint documents.

3. Accurate Printer Monitor
  A helpful software tool to monitor printing functions

4. ArtistScope Translate
  A useful translation tool designed for translation of web sites on-line

5. Benubird Pro
  Effiently manages your documents at your office or at your private home as well!

6. Cute Flowchart 1.5
  An efficient and quick way to draw elaborate flow charts

7. DDFileCatcher 3.04.7
  Copy names of the files to the clipboard, MS Word or Excel, or to the text files with this useful application

8. DICOM printer
  A utility designed for printer sharing and forwarding documents to PACS or RIS service

9. EDITOR 0.21.3
  A handy utility designed for making annotations

10. EZ Contract Proposal 2.4.2
  An efficient business application that can save you a lot of time; it can generate itemized contract proposals for the customers and then print them out as actual contracts!

11. ezBates Special Edition 3.5
  Automatically takes care of page numbering

12. ezBates 2.04
  A smart alternative for Bates Stamp automatic page numbering machine, is simple to handle, low-cost and reliable

13. FocusDesktop 1.2
  A portable software utility that gives users access to all the data that are needed to complete a certain task, can be run from a USB drive

14. Gnostice Print2eDoc
  Makes it possible to create electronic documents

15. Guide2XML 2.2
  Converts from Guide to XML easily

16. guideparser5 1.0
  A simple and reliable Guide parser for you.

17. LaTeX2RTF 1.9.19a
  Makes possible to save LaTex documents as RTF files.

18. NXPowerLite 4.0
  Will compress your PowerPoint presentations automatically saving space

19. OODoc2Pdf 0.1 Alpha
  A handy file converter, is able to process miscellaneous file formats.

20. Pravis Citations 1.2
  All CJ decisions from Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007 will be found, inserted and browsed

21. priPrinter
  A practical and reliable software solution that enables printing from any PC application that supports printing function, includes such helpful features as multiple modes of page preview before printing

22. Quark Doc Xtractor 1.22
  With the help of this useful tool you will be able to extract texts from Quark qxd documents and save them as MS Word files.

23. QuickTimeSheets Free Edition
  A helpful PC tool for writers, lawyers, consultants, programmers - for all people who need to keep record of their working hours

24. Sayvoice Text to Speech Reader 4.0
  It is just a digital dictaphone recorder on your PC; the application records and saves your speech in mp3 or wav formats.

25. ScanRn 1.23
  The utility is very simple to handle, it just scans any kind of document or image and saves them in JPEG format.

26. ScrollNavigator 3.1.1
  Makes possible vertical or horizontal scrolling of documents.

27. Simple Scheduler 1.24
  A PC calendar tool with such useful function as scheduling of daily shifts and tasks for a period of up to one month

28. StatPlus 2008
  Provides for working with spreadsheets, including statistical analysis.

29. Steelray Project Viewer 3.8.0
  A helpful software tool that makes it possible to view Microsoft Project files, print them, export them and so on, it does not require MS Project to be installed!

30. Textanz
  The application is designed for analysis of the texts your are working with, it can count frequently repeated words and phrases

31. Visual Stats 1.2
  An application for efficient implementation of data analysis, including Guide statistical analysis

32. WinPrint
  Makes it simple to print out texts under DOS based programs

33. XML Tree Notes 0.1.4
  A small and useful tool that helps users manage text notes

34. 1.0.0
  An editing tool for XML files management

35. XWRT 3.2
  An efficient compressor for you XML files

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