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Text editors

1. 12Ghosts Notepad
  A simple but attractively looking editing tool that will enable you to manage effectively all your texts

2. AkelPad 4.2.1
  If you want a simple but at the same time reliable text editor for plain texts this utility is the right choice

3. AMA Text Tool 1.00 Beta
  Makes working with your text files easy and enjoyable!

4. AnyABC 1.2
  Get a virtual keyboard as an addition to an easy-to-use word processor

5. Aries 0.1.2 Build 47
  A compact and simple-to-use text editor

6. Atlantis Word Processor Build E6 Beta /
  Just the right choice for practical users who are looking for a really practical user-friendly word processor

7. chandutexter
  An editing tool that also helps you to memorize texts with ease!

8. Code Browser 3.8
  A Windows-based open source application with folding and outlining features

9. DoLatex 1.0a
  Another useful application for editing Latex format files

10. E-TextEditor 1.0.32
  A professional-level editing tool for advanced programmers and script-writers

11. EditPad Lite 6.4.5
  A good alternative for a Notepad, convenient and thoroughly optimized for perfect text editing

12. EditPad Pro 6.4.5
  All kinds of text files are easy to edit with the help of this universal and reliable text editing application

13. EditPlus 3.10 (281)
  A Windows-based tool that is a perfect 32-bit text editor, ready for Internet and HTML editing, a real programmer's choice!

14. Finders Keepers 4.02.1
  A perfect tool to manage texts: four ways to find the text, six ways to view and replace it, also is able to index files for quick search

15. Fusion Text 1.0.3
  Edits any kind of text simply and efficiently!

16. IntelliFontIME Sinhala Input Method Editor 1.2
  Are you tired of typing? Just try the Input Method Editor that will teach you an unbelievable new input method for typing! Makes it possible to learn Sinhalese characters with no effort using a conventional keyboard!

17. Kephra 0.4 pl 5
  A quick and uncomplicated PC application that edits all kinds of texts perfectly

18. Linked Notes 1.0.3275.27719
  Tired of managing your written notes? Try this helpful text editor and feel secure!

19. Macrobject Word-2-Web Converter Professional 2008.1.320.1800
  On-line creation of ideally edited documents has never been so easy!

20. Notepad++ 5.3.1
  Perfect for source code editing and the right choice for programmers who are looking for a handy text editing application

21. NoteTab Light 5.8
  A really compatible alternative tool for your old Notepad that also is a good helping hand for editing of HTML files

22. NoteTab Pro 5.8
  A perfect alternative for the old Notebook, ideal for editing texts and HTML coding

23. nText 0.4.1 Alpha
  Will help you do all kinds of text editing, is really simple to use

24. padnote 0.6
  An efficient text editor with really simple to understand intuitive interface

25. PageFocus Pro 7.16 Build 010
  Build your own electronic-forms and application templates with this software utility.

26. PolyEdit 5.2
  A text processor that is efficient, versatile and really convenient to use

27. PowerGREP 3.5.2
  Binary files with regular expressions can be searched through and the text can be maintained with the help of this handy application

28. RecordEditor 0.65
  CSV and fixed field position files will be simple to edit with this Data File editor

29. Replace Pioneer 2.4
  An amazing application that enables text copying from various files, from a web-page and even from DOS command prompt!

30. RText
  Java-based program for text editing; optimized for programmers and code-writers

31. Secure Edit Unicode 1.0
  If you are not sure of Notepad security, try this editor; functionally it is like Notepad but CAN encrypt your text files!

32. Smart PDF Converter Pro 4.23.195
  A very useful program that allows to convert your PDFs to a document that can be altered and edited; then be transformed back into PDF file

33. Step Editor 0.75
  A useful TXT editor, simple and reliable, creates and organizes text in linear mode.

34. TEA 23.3.0
  Can be used as a versatile text editor with full range of text processing features.

35. TexFinderX 2.14
  Facilitases management of your files, indicates exact changes that were made in various fields.

36. TextEditor++ 1.2.0
  Try this efficient utility especially optimized for text editing

37. Textile 1.04
  A tool for text editing that is really helpful

38. TextPad 5.2.0
  One of the Window-based replacements for the conventional Notepad is this powerful and efficient TextPad utility

39. UltraEdit-32
  The right choice for a professional programmer - a perfect HTML and HEX editor that supports PHP, Perl, Java and JavaScript as well!

40. WaspPad 1.0.2
  Sets the priority to the notes that you have made!

41. wikidPad 2.0 Beta 02
  Are you a fan of Wiki interface? Than this is the right choice for you - a notebook that is always at hand to store your thoughts, ideas, and even To-Do lists with contacts in your favorite format!

42. WordUp 0.05
  A small but useful text editing application

43. XML Doctor 1.3
  A really simple to use editing tool for XML format files

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