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File/CD/DVD Catalog

1. a1Cataloger
  Now you can create a collection database that includes individual folders and files, not just CDs and DVDs

2. All My Movies 5.4 Build 1281
  If you are looking for a handy tool to create and manage your movie database then look no further! It can also take screenshots while playing movies

3. Book Label 2009 2.1.0 Build 61
  Your book collection is constantly growing and it is hard to keep pace with? This smart utility will let you catch up with it with minimum of your efforts

4. Bucharchiv 2.00.236
  A good choice for you to organize your books and e-books collection; comes full of useful functions, such as keeping track of book covers, reviews, lend/borrow entries, database search and what not!

5. CatIt 1.0
  Designed to help a PC user organize multimedia files into a manageable database-like catalogues that are easy to organize and maintain

6. CATraxx 8.20.02
  Catalogs and manages files of your PC music collection

7. CATVids 8.11
  A convenient tool that makes it easy to catalog and manage your collections of movie files.

8. CDWinder 5.5.5
  A smart tool to create and maintain catalogues for almost everything that spins - CDs, DVDs, hard drives and old-fashioned vinyl disks!

9. Collector Base 1.0 Build 630
  Helps you to make a catalog of your books and CDs in a simple way

10. Book Collector 6.1 Build 1
  By tracking all books in your collection this integrated Loan Manager utility will help you not to forget which books were loaned to whom, when and for how long.

11. Comic Collector 4.3 Build 3
  A smart and feature-rich utility that will organize your comic books collection into a catalog database with minimum of your efforts

12. Music Collector 8.5 Build 1
  Now you do not have to do any typing to make a catalog of your CDs! All information will be searched for and downloaded from the Web!

13. eXtreme Movie Manager
  Optimaze your movie collection with the help of a handy application that annotates every entry with information from Internet movie databases that the program searches automatically

14. Filmmanager 4.1.1
  Catalog and manage your entire movie collection on PC with a single handy utility, easy-to-use and reliable.

15. Fox Movie Manager 1.39
  Allows you total and perfect command of your vast movie collection; is feature-rich and simple to use.

16. Helium Music Manager 2009.0.0.6860
  A simple application, helpful and full of useful functions, to manage your audio collection

17. Home Multimedia Library
  An ultimate tool to catalog all of your home multimedia data into a perfect database

18. HTPC Movie Launcher 1.0
  Launches video files from your PC for home theater performance. A very simple to use and reliable tool.

19. Librarian Pro 1.4.1
  A nice tool to keep track of your media collections! All items will be catalogued into a database-like list, all items that you have lent to friends will be marked and the lists can be published on the Net or exported to your iPod.

20. Maintenance Parts Bin 7.7.2
  A feature-rich powerful application to organize and manage all kinds of spare part inventories without limiting to inventories for maintenance

21. Maple Professional 7.14
  A professional application for managing data into a tree-like hierarchy

22. Maple Reader 7.14
  Now your Crystal Office Maple has a nice-looking viewing addition that comes free of charge

23. Maple 7.14
  Will enable you to keep your documents in perfect order by organizing them into searchable tree-like file hierarchies

24. MediaMan 3.0 Build 1027
  Keeps track of entries in your media catalog, allows you to personalize it, is packed with useful features and works fast

25. Movie Label 2010 5.0.1 Build 932
  Makes it possible to create a catalog of all you movies, simply and efficiently

26. MP3 Boss 0.672
  Playes MP3 files for you with excellent sound quality, is packed with useful features

27. Mp3 CD Collector 1.4.0
  Keeps track of all mp3 files on your CDs and DVDs, creates and manages a collection database for your convenience.

28. My DVD Catalog 1.3.1
  Catalog and manage your DVD collection with a single simple-to-use program.

29. MyDVDs 1.64
  A smart software application that not only organizes and maintains your DVD collection but can search Internet and add suitable information to entries in your DVD database

30. OrangeCD Record Catalog
  A serious choice for serious collectors of music! A collection-managing tool that was designed to satisfy the most serious requirements

31. OrangeCD Suite
  A feature-rich program to create and manage databases of your music files

32. Salamis movie organizer
  A simple and easy-to-use utility that helps you organize your movie and video collection

33. Smart CD Catalog Lite 2.15
  Catalog all your media disks into a convenient-to-use database with the help of one simple application.

34. Smart CD Catalog Professional 2.55
  A functional alternative to Windows Explorer that shows you file lists with file properties on any disk.

35. SuperCat 4.5
  Windows-based indexing and cataloguing utility that will find any file for you any time of day or night.

36. The Collectors Crown 5.8.13
  A real helpmate for collectors! Creates and manages customizable collection databases, is equipped with intuitive graphical interface that is easy to use

37. VideoCat 2.23
  A perfect tool to organize video files into a catalog, can support multiple databases

38. VideoMate 14.1
  A perfect business tool for Video and DVD Rental shops

39. VVV 1.0
  A handy and smart utility that enables you to keep track of all files in your media collection on CDs and DVDs, generates manageable catalogs which your can search off-line

40. WhereIsIt 3.96 Build 403
  An efficient and easy-to-use tool to catalog all your media files. The most comprehensive application at the shareware market of media cataloging programs today!

41. WinCatalog 2009 2.81
  Newest generation among cataloging tools that gives the power of tomorrow!

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