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1. Aevi POS Express 1.0.3378
  An efficient software program to manage point of sale (POS) spots for small businesses.

2. Attend HRM
  A perfect software solution to control time attendance, is highly flexible, can be adapted to specific needs, supports multiple languages.

3. AVS Barcode Source 1.1 Build 16
  Will help you to design professional quality barcode images, save them to files and then use in DTP or labeling system

4. BarGen 3.0.0
  Generates and prints out barcode labels.

5. Comfy Hotel Reservation for Workgroup 2.2
  Will optimize operations of hotels of any size and any market position by increasing profitability to the maximum and decreasing losses from unoccupied rooms to the minimum.

6. Easy Time Clock Driver 1.5.0
  An ideal choice to track and manage the time usage at your business

7. Engroup 1.0 Beta
  Great group collaboration software for your enterprise! The total group command is just a click away!

8. ezBarcodePrinting 2.0.1
  Software application that designs and prints out barcode labels; makes linear and 2D barcodes as well

9. ezCheckPersonal 2.0.1
  Your personal software assistant that will help you to design and then print out personal checks.

10. ezCheckPrinting 2.1.0
  A free but efficient software program that will help you to design and then print out personal checks.

11. EZPZ Property Manager 7.05.10
  Makes it much easier to settle managerial problems connected with rented properties.

12. FastRequest 7.12
  Makes it really simple to manage work orders and requests in online mode.

13. GeneralCost Estimator for Excel 7.2
  An Excel-based software system designed for general construction cost estimation with function of cost data localization.

14. GT Casting Talent Agency Software 1.00a
  The software is a perfect choice for talent and casting agencies, it makes it easy to organize all their vast collections of photographs into a manageable archive and then print out any photo on demand

15. GT Invoice Maker 1.00d
  A simple software utility that makes it really simple to generate professional looking invoices; supports three different currency symbols.

16. GT Real Estate Archive Software 1.00a
  A perfect software assistant for a realtor! Now you can store, search, view and printout photos of your real estate proposals within several seconds!

17. HS Invoice Manager 2.0
  Manage and optimize your business with no effort. Try this specialized software application.

18. Instant Invoice n CashBook 2007 4.5.11
  A software application designed especially for small businesses, processes invoices, quotes and cashbook entries

19. Invoice Tracking Hybrid 1.3 Beta
  An independent software application that can make use of Excel for generating reports

20. Lotto Pro 2009 7.43
  By analyzing the results of previous lot drawings the software advises you the optimal lottery numbers to choose

21. Mechanics Mate 3.30
  A smart software tool specifically designed for businesses - follow and control your assets, equipment, and operations of property maintenance.

22. MyLife Small Business Organizer 5 9.1
  A comprehensive PIM Suite ideally optimized for small businesses, includes utilities for carrying correspondence

23. Pairtrade Finder 2.50727
  Proprietary software program to facilitate stock trading for you

24. Payroll Plus Enterprise 2009
  Departmental software to manage payrolls, supports job codes as well

25. Payroll Plus Lite 2009
  Software to manage departmental and job code payrolls as well

26. Payroll Plus Platinum 2009
  If you are looking for a leading payroll system then take Payroll Plus Platinum 2006 and look no further!

27. Payroll Plus Professional Edition 2009
  This PenSoft Payroll Plus Professional Edition is a perfect choice to facilitate payrolls, both departmental and job code

28. Payroll Plus Standard 2009
  Will perfectly support a company with not more than one hundred employees, situated in a single location

29. Accounting Edition 2009
  A reliable tool to manage departmental and job code payrolls as well.

30. Personal Finances Pro 3.5
  Optimize your budget with this handy application that is able to compare expenses with incomes and then streamline your budget in the efficient way

31. Quick Pallet Maker 4.4.8
  A software package that facilitates management of pallet loading and package design, is simple to learn and use

32. Ra Workshop 3.1.2 Build 29992
  A perfect managerial software for windows & doors industry, keeps track of all of your aluminum, PVC, wood, vinyl and what not

33. Recovery Report 20090415
  A perfect choice for managing cases. Supports unlimited number of items

34. RemodelCost Estimator for Excel 7.2
  An Excel-based software system designed for remodel construction cost estimation with function of cost data localization.

35. Rental Calendar for Workgroup 2.2
  A handy software utility to protect your files with a password and making back-ups.

36. RepairCost Estimator for Excel 6.2
  Excel-based software application to estimate various costs, such as insurance repair or restoration

37. RoofCOST Estimator for Excel 7.2
  An Excel-based utility designed for estimation of roofing installation expenses

38. Series 2 Automatic Shift Schedulers 7.12
  Automatically schedule 6, 10 or 20 shifts per day with the help of S2 Series spreadsheets application

39. Sklad 3.5.0
  A great software package for managing your business, comes with possibility to generate delivery and sales forms

40. SoHoMoney 9.04.01
  A software package that will give you perfect control over your personal finance and budgeting

41. Studiometry 6.1.3
  A managerial tool of professional level that guarantees ultimate performance.

42. Traders Risk Management Guru 2.0.1
  A business software to optimize trading and investing decisions, is based on Monte Carlo simulation.

43. Vehicle Manager 2.0.1077
  Helps you to follow maintenance of your vehicle and has some more useful functions

44. WholesaleNet 3.18
  A specialized business application to assist wholesalers, importers and distributors

45. Zed Axis 2.1
  QuickBooks is a handy business tracking application that imports transaction entries directly from Excel and Text files

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