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1. 12Ghosts Lookup
  A converting and translating utility that works with all kinds of units, comes with zip and area codes database

2. Baseball Predictor 1.4
  A must-to-have for baseball fans! The smart utility that will automatically analyze for you all essentials like teams, players, pitchers, weather and field, coaches and what not!

3. Bill Redirect Serial/File/TCP Port and Keyboard 6.0B
  A simple but efficient PC utility that can make redirection of serial input data from COM ports to the buffer of your keyboard.

4. CARCare Desktop Edition 2.1.089
  A useful utility for car owners, provides you with all sorts of useful data such as service history, total expenses, fuel economy and so on in a format that is easy to manage!

5. ClrMamePro 3.125
  Organize and keep your CD-ROM collection in perfect order with this handy CD-ROM managing tool

6. CutLog 3.01.13661
  A specialized software application for power saw operators. It will analyze and suggest the optimum solution for the current sawing session. Is lightning fast and efficient

7. Double Leg 1.3.2
  A small and efficient software application to do tracking

8. Graphviz 2.23.20090331 Dev / 2.22.2 Stable
  Can generate graphs, is open source and distributed free of charge

9. GT Wine Cellar Archive Software 1.00a
  Organaze you wine cellars contents into a perfectly manageable database-like collection with the help of this nice-looking application with an intuitively understandable GUI! A perfect choice for wine enthusiasts!

10. HealthEngage Diet+Fitness
  Optimize you daily work-outs and wellness routine with the help of a PC software assistant that will take care of your daily exercises, diet, and all other aspects of wellness management

11. HealthEngage Health Record
  Keep records and manage entries for all essential data connected with your health and health history with this specialized health care PC tool

12. Home Inspector Pro
  The home inspection and reporting software that is second to none! Will perform for you quickly and efficiently!

13. HyperRESEARCH 2.8
  The software package to give you total command of your data: code and retrieve it, construct theories, and carry out analyses at your convenience.

14. JBookManager 0.1 Beta 1
  A great application to manage your home library in efficient manner.

15. KeyboardLocker 2.6
  A useful utility that will let your child watch a DVD on your PC without creating unintentional problems, since tt deactivates the keyboard

16. Log File Merger 1.1.4322.2407
  Fuse together any log or text files with the help of this program that is easy-to-use and distributed free of charge

17. Lotto Sorcerer 6.25
  Will advise you the most optimum lottery lot drawing strategy thanks to usage of an advanced AI algorithms

18. Mexico Postal Code Database Basic Edition April 2009
  Subscribe to the database of Mexican Postal Codes in any format suitable for you, text, Excel and Access

19. MindRaider 7.6
  An innovative organizer that can generate a kind of your personal mind map that will incorporate all of your thoughts, documents, notes and other data into a single representation

20. Model C1D0F424 X12 Viewer 1.15C-30
  Now you have a software available for you to get viewing access to electronic claims data.

21. Model C1D0F431 X12 Utility 1.15C-19
  Now you have a software available for you to get viewing access to electronic claims, which is cost effective, feature rich and really simple and convenient to use.

22. MTG Studio 1.6.5
  A nice entertaining program that can create for you magic card decks to play and enjoy.

23. Paranal 1.2
  Makes analyses of components a simple and effortless thing

24. RainCycle 2.0
  A nice tool for ecologists to help them simulate the harvesting of rainwater.

25. Routy 0.003
  A small but efficient software to help you edit your tracks on a GPS map

26. Sac2Wav 0.9.1
  A perfect choice for geologists, makes it possible to convert seismic data simply and effortlessly

27. Skyscraper 2.0 Alpha 3 / 1.0
  An amazing open source program that is able to generate simulation of a 138-story skyscraper

28. Stage Manager 1.0
  A prefect application for managing stage activities

29. TGRSurnames 1.2
  A convenient small utility to make extractions of surnames

30. Traveling Salesman
  Now you are able to manage your GPS routes in a smart and easy way and to edit your maps as well.

31. Ultra Score 0.39
  Helps you to keep and organize your competition scoring data efficiently

32. Updater-G 0.6.1 Beta
  Now any of you projects can be enhanced with this useful update feature

33. Vehicle Manager Fleet Network Edition 2.0.1077
  Now a central database for storing necessary information can be available for owners of vehicles and vehicle fleets.

34. Virtual Hypnotist 5.8
  Now a hypnosis session can be easily simulated with this interesting innovative software program

35. Virtual Poet 2.2.2
  You have always wanted to become a poet? Now your dream is just a mouse click away with the innovative software application!

36. vLPD 0.0.1
  A Windows based program to serve as a Line Printer Daemon for your PC

37. Weather Educator 1.00
  A small and efficient tool to calculate all kinds of statistical data

38. Windows Vista 1.2
  Now you can evaluate Microsoft Windows Vista at your own pace and convenience

39. WndLpt 0.2.1
  An efficient and convenient managing utility for 12 pins LPT ports

40. Worship Him 4.20
  Will give possibility to present songs on multiple monitors, a perfect tool for church singing.

41. Zinnia 0.04
  Will easily manage hand recognition in on-line mode.

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