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Debuggers / Decompilers / Dissasemblers

1. BC BugTracker .1
  An ideal Bug Tracking and Quality Control System designed specially for small business, is web based and quite efficient

2. BinEditPlus 0.3
  A convenient to use and efficient instrument for software decompiling

3. Boomerang 0.3.1 Alpha
  A convenient to use and efficient instrument for software decompiling

4. Bug Finder 1.1.0
  An efficient and convenient-to-use tool for software debugging

5. Bug Trail WorkGroup 1.01
  The software is designed to track and record bugs and troubles, is perfect for workgroups and convenient-to-use

6. ChecklistAgent 0.9.1
  Provides the possibility to test the units of the runtime environment for developers.

7. ClassMaster 2.0.5
  A must-have testing and performance profiling tool for .Net assemblies, compact and efficient

8. Comm Operator 4.1
  A useful testing system for debugging of RS232, can run simulations GPS, total station and application

9. Compare Archives 1.0
  An efficient and convenient-to-use tool for software debugging

10. Crystal FLOW for C 4.20
  In just one mouse click this software will enable you to create flowcharts directly from source code

11. Deskzilla 1.7
  Bugzilla is a desktop client with intuitive interactive interface that integrates many interesting bug tracking functions

12. Emergence BASIC 1.69
  A Windows based powerful and feature rich 32 bit compiling tool

13. FindBugs 1.3.7
  An analytical tool for debugging of Java programs.

14. FlexTracer
  A must-have tool for tracing different application calls, feature rich and with flexible set-up

15. HTTP Debugger Pro 3.3
  A useful tool with rich functionality to examine each HTTP transaction, is capable to show you the parameter values of the HTTP header, query strings, cookies, error codes and much more.

16. JCODER 1.1.0
  A Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a great feature for program developers enabling faster and more efficient code writing and debugging.

17. JD-GUI 0.2.7
  A lightning fast Java decompiler that can save you a lot of time and efforts in the development process.

18. JDebugTool 4.2.0
  An independent tool for efficient Java debugging, can be built on top of the standard JPDA and much more

19. JDLabAgent 1.0.1
  A useful library for software developers

20. Mono for Windows 2.4
  The package includes a comprehensive set of software instruments for development and running of a.NET client and server applications

21. NAntBuilder 2.0.3260.6887 Beta
  Provides fully functional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Nant developing tool

22. NP NET Profiler 3.7
  A useful tool for software developers that will save time and efforts when looking for bugs and troubleshooting possible problems

23. OnTime 2008
  A must-have software tool for project management

24. OS Emulator 0.0.1
  An efficient and convenient-to-use tool for software developers

25. Phantom Test Driver 2.0
  Designed as a development instrument for Phantom scripts, this application is an indispensable full featured tool for working with execution environment

26. Pic18 Disassembler
  An absolute mast-have for software developers, an easy to use and efficient disassembling tool.

27. PPCD 0.02
  An efficient and convenient-to-use tool for software programming

28. PvLog DeObfuscator 1.0.3240.27928
  Will easily optimize MSIL code for software developers

29. Pre-Alpha
  An efficient and convenient-to-use tool for software debugging

30. QuickBugs 2.1.2
  A useful debugging tool for software developers that is able to automatically maintain the workflow, access control and keeps history of each uncovered trouble.

31. SplineTech JavaScript HTML Debugger 8.24
  An optimization tool for software developers that can facilitate such functions as breakpoints setting, watching variables and general debugging of Java Scripts

32. SplineTech VBS Debugger 7.37
  A function rich tool for VBS debugging and editing

33. SpyStudio 1.0.1
  A useful manager of processes that are running on your OS, simple and efficient, provides you with full control over the system.

34. TracePlus Win32 5.61.000
  An application that will display to the developer the way a Win32 application interacts with various Win32 APIs

35. VB Decompiler 7.2
  A Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 based utility for software decompiling (EXE, DLL or OCX)

36. VBReFormer 5.0.523
  A tool that gives you total control over your applications, is equipped with such functions as forms and controls disassembling, can recover all subroutines, runtime and API calls for you.

37. VisionLab VCL 4.0
  A vision library for Delphi/C++, is essential for development of motion, and image recognition related solutions.

38. vTest 2.4
  Will save a lot of time and efforts to a testing engineer by efficiently creating automated test scripts.

39. X-File Studio 2.0.00
  This extremely flexible software is designed to enable extraction of files

40. Yari 0.7.2
  An efficient and convenient-to-use tool for software developers

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