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1. 1 Click & Lock 3.3
  Ptects your information privacy by restricting unauthorized access to the desktop of your PC in your absence.

2. 1st Privacy Tool for Windows
  An ultimate security tool to protect your Windows system

3. 1st Security Agent Pro 8.1
  A top-choice among professional password-protecting data security tools that will reliably prevent any attempts of unauthorized access to your Windows PC.

4. 1st Security Agent 8.1
  Reliably restricts unauthorized access to the crucial features and services of Windows OS that you have selected

5. ABC Security Protector 5.5
  A user-friendly and efficient freeware tool for password protection of your system from attempts of unauthorized access

6. Access Administrator Pro 4.9
  Protects your data security by totally blocking any access attempts to selected files for unauthorized persons who will not be able neither to open, nor change or delete them

7. Access Controller 3.3
  An efficient data security application that will totally prevent any attempts to access desktop of your workstation when you are away

8. Access Manager for Windows 8.11
  A handy application that helps users protect their system by restricting unauthorized access to crucial features and services of MS Windows with a reliable password

9. AccessLock 3.3
  A smart security tool that prevents the access to your system with a reliable password.

10. Active Lock 2.0
  A USB based key for your workstation that will totally block access to the computer each time you remove the USB drive.

11. Advanced Desktop Shield 2.51
  A useful tool for protection of public access PCs, it restricts access to many OS services and functions, including wallpaper and screen saver changing

12. Anti-Porn
  An efficient parent control tool that filters away all web content that is inappropriate for your kids.

13. Application Locker
  A compact and reliable tool that will instantly block access to any application selected by you

14. BT Watcher Pro 1.5
  With the help of a Bluetooth module this data security tool automatically blocks access to your work station every time you leave the room

15. CD-DVD Lock 2.8
  A simple but efficient security tool with such useful functions as making your devises invisible or inaccessible for unauthorized persons

16. CheckQuota Advanced 4.0
  A useful data security tool that efficiently monitors access to file directories.

17. Deskman 9.0.1
  Just by a few mouse clicks this handy data security tool will insure reliable protection of your workstation from unauthorized access

18. DeviceLock 6.3 Build 18669
  A perfect choice for businesses of all sizes that will give protection to corporate networks from insider attacks; it is user-friendly and insures reliable network security

19. Disk Password Protection
  A simple but reliable security tool equipped with such useful functions as boot protection, partitions protection and general low-level protection, is convenient to use

20. DVD Device Lock 2.8
  It will block any attempts of unauthorized access to your removable devices like USB drives, floppy, and CD/DVD-ROM drives preventing the loss of sensitive information, it is simple to use and efficient.

21. Easy File & Folder Protector 4.91
  Protects data located on HDD and removable media by restricting unauthorized access to files and folders.

22. Easy File Protector 4.91
  A data protection tool that secures your sensitive information with the help of a reliable password equipped with a time scheduling function that restricts unauthorized access to files and folders

23. File and Folder Protector 3.3
  A smart security tool that prevents the access to selected files or folders by locking it with a password, or just makes them invisible for viewing and searching functions

24. Folder Guard 8.1
  Protects files and folders from unauthorized access

25. Hide Secret Files 3.0
  A data protection tool that will secure your sensitive information from intrusion by making files and folders invisible for unauthorized persons

26. HTML Password Lock 4.6
  A perfect password protection of your Web pages and entire sites is just a couple of mouse clicks away with this powerful data encryption application.

27. iProtectYou Pro 8.6.2
  A handy network monitoring tool with such useful features as web content filter and parental control

28. KeyLemon 2.0
  A face recognition application that in company of a webcam makes it possible to use your own face as a password that grants access to your PC and sensitive information

29. LockPhix
  A comprehensive kit of data protection applications, which provides reliable security for your sensitive information by granting the user absolute command over the files access, hiding selected data from unauthorized persons

30. LockXLS 4.1.12
  A new data security application designed specially for protection of Excel spreadsheets from unauthorized access.

31. LockYourKeyboard 2.0.1
  A handy tool for setting access restrictions to your PC for unauthorized persons. Just by pressing a combination of preset hotkeys a user blocks the access to keyboard, mouse, power button and CD/DVD-ROM drives

32. MC Lock 0.10 Beta
  Makes your Windows Media Center screen securely protected from prying eyes by locking it with a password

33. MRT Lock 1.0
  A simple utility that will allow locking your PC by just one mouse click

34. PC Locker Pro 1.3
  A useful data security application that restricts access to your PC for unauthorized persons when you are away

35. Pro-Key-Lock
  A simple but reliable security tool that can block access to keyboard keys, mouse buttons and system functions that were selected by you

36. Public PC Desktop 6.2
  A perfect choice for owners of Internet cafes and public access PCs that will reliably restrict customers from access to the key functions and files

37. SentryPC 2.21.09
  An efficient data security tool for your PC workstation that is able to filter content, monitor and control access to files and services.

38. Time Lock
  A smart and handy tool that will restrict unauthorized access to your PC and applications

39. Universal Shield 4.2.1
  A reliable and user-friendly data encryption tool that is specially designed to hide your sensitive information from the unauthorized access

40. USB Lock RP 3.99
  Will block any unauthorized access to USB drives and CD/DVD-ROM drives preventing the loss of sensitive information, is simple to use and efficient

41. User Control 2008 5.995
  Insures full user̉s control over access to undesired Windows applications, filters inappropriate Internet content

42. User Time Control Center
  Makes it possible to control the usage of a PC station by imposing time scheduling restriction on the access to it

43. Watchman 8.0.1
  Protects your private data by restricting access to your PC for unauthorized persons

44. winKeyLock 1.0.1
  Provides a reliable security service by blocking the access to your PC station for unauthorized persons in a simple and fast way.

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