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Clocks & Time Management

1. 12Ghosts ShowTime
  A personal time keeping suit for your PC that integrates a great number of flexible features such as chimes, an hour signal, a list of 12 configurable world time zones, a stopwatch, and a handy countdown function.

2. 12Ghosts Synchronize
  An Internet based time synchroniser that will let you avoid any problems with system clock time accuracy

3. Advanced Time Synchronizer 3.0 Build 700
  Eliminates problems with your PC clock inaccuracy by automatically synchronizing it with a public time servers over the Internet

4. AlfaClock2 2.44
  Will extend the capabilities of your conventional Windows clock by adding some options to make it much more flexible

5. AnalogX Atomic TimeSync 1.04
  A time synchronising tool approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the best choice in the market of today.

6. ASTICE Timetable 1.6.0
  This efficient application is a number one tool among resource management tools at the market of today

7. Atomic Time Synchronizer 4.37
  Now your system clock will be always perfectly synchronized through Internet services

8. Bling Clock 2.03
  An elegant-looking and efficient stopwatch and countdown clock with a well-seen display. Now you can watch the left seconds with your own eyes.

9. Complete Time Tracking Standard 3.03
  A useful time managing application that will never let you lose additional time spent in from of your PC

10. Egg 1.582
  A compact application for counting down time from 1 second and up to 99 hours, is written in reliable assembly language

11. iTimeSync 1.5 Beta 1 / 1.401
  An optimised tool for Internet time synchronization that makes usage of NIST and is efficiently written in a handy assembly language

12. MakuaMon
  A smart application for home users and their friends that will enable them to keep track of the time they usually spend in front of the PC so they will not get PC addicted.

13. PerfectClock 4.0.2
  A nice-looking application with a convenient UI to display time on you desktop; is highly flexible and customisable.

14. Relay Timer Lite 2.1
  A handy utility to programme each relay separately with a number of timing settings.

15. SamLogic AtomicSync 1.1
  An Atomic Clock is a function rich time synchronizer for your PC

16. Scotts Clock
  A tiny but stylish-looking clock application that saves desktop space

17. SetClock 2.4
  An Atomic Clock is a function rich time synchronizer for your PC that keeps the clock of your computer accurate thanks to connecting to available time servers

18. Sharp World Clock 4.40
  A functional alternative for the conventional Windows system clock that integrates such additional functions as display of world map, sun and moon calendars and unlimited number of clocks

19. Simple Timer 0.3 Stable
  A tiny and reliable PC timer for all needs

20. SimpleTimer 1.0
  A tiny and efficient stopwatch for your desktop with a good number of features

21. Steves Talking Clock 2.05
  A handy utility that enables you to assign hotkeys to such functions as pronouncing the time, moving the master volume up or down, showing and hiding a window.

22. Stopwatch Timer
  A tiny and efficient stop watch clock written in Flash to help you keep the track of your time

23. SweatShop Timer 1.1
  An easy-to-use timer for exercising that will keep track of rounds and rests for you

24. Talking Clock 1.2.1
  A speaking clock that is a lot of fun

25. Talking Secretary 2.05
  A smart talking application that will remind you of preset dates and moments, play MP3 files and much more.

26. Tea Timer 2.1
  Get a nice stopwatch timer for your desktop with quite a number of smart features.

27. Time Stamp 3.21
  Keeps an eye on the time you spent on a project in a smart way

28. TimeLog 2.1 Beta / 2.0
  A simple to use task time managing tool with a nice looking user friendly GI

29. TimeSage 1.5.3
  A time saving and time managing software solution that will track for you all the time your spend working at you PC

30. TimeTechnix 1.0
  Will keep track of your time spent on a project in a simple and convenient way

31. TimeThing
  A world clock application to keep you informed about the time of the day in different geographical locations.

32. Timetrek 1.3.05
  Will facilitate tracking of freelance or consulting projects for you

33. TinyClock 1.6
  A compact and not obtrusive desktop clock utility that will be always at hand when you need it

34. TitleBarClock Lite 3.5.7
  An unusual desktop clock application with a number of smart features

35. TitleBarClock Pro 6.4.2
  Will enhance your title bar with additional functionality by displaying such parameters as day, time, date, month, year, free memory and drive space/

36. YATS32 9.0.2
  Now you will never have a problem with inaccuracy of the system clock

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