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1. 1st Disk Drive Protector 3.11
  Gives your administrative control over removable media, protecting your system from abusive tampering with applications and settings by unauthorized persons in your absence

2. Advanced Internet Kiosk 6.21
  An efficient and feature rich content filtering tool for Internet surfers with flexible adjustments for Internet access configuration that will lock out all inappropriate content

3. All In One Keylogger 3.296
  Now you have a possibility to monitor all activities of your system with the help of this undetectable surveillance application that registers everything in an encrypted report file.

4. ALPass 2.80.01
  A reliable data protection application that will organize all your logins, passwords for online memberships and subscriptions and keep them in a way that is perfectly secure from unauthorized access

5. AnalogX Script Defender 1.03
  A virus scanning application that intercepts and analyzes attempts to execute scripts, comparing them with the data base of the scripts used by viruses during their attacks

6. cFosWatch 2.01
  Behavioral Blockings is the next generation technology for successful and efficient blocking of dialers and virus protection of your programs

7. Corporate Network Security 2.5
  Keeps an eye over the security conditions of your network

8. CyberSieve 2.7.3
  An efficient parent control tool that will filter away inappropriate content according to your settings, also offers useful PC monitoring features

9. Desktop Lock 7.2.2
  An efficient privacy protection tool that can restrict unauthorized access to various services and functions of your PC, which includes blocking of the mouse and the keyboard when you are away

10. DHCP Fix 1.01
  Efficiently screens your traffic from unauthorized attempts to intercept the data packages

11. Disk Drive Administrator 3.11
  A handy compact utility that gives you control over various functions of USB drives such as disabling them regardless of the drive letter.

12. DiskLogon
  A useful access controlling utility that makes it possible to log into your system using a portable device

13. Drive Security Manager
  Protects your confidentiality by making possible to adjust multiple security setting for all drives including removable thus blocking all attempts of unauthorized access to them

14. DVD Copy Protect 3.0.5
  A user-friendly cloning utility for backing up your DVD movies with perfect one-to-one quality.

15. Ez Off
  A very handy intuitive tool that will let you have complete parent control over the periods of time that your kids spend in front of PC

16. Flash Secure Optimizer 1.1
  Peerfect optimization and copy protection of your Shockwave Flash files is just a mouse click away now!

17. Folder Castle 4.1.0 Build 327
  A handy software solution that will encrypt your files and folders making them inaccessible for unauthorized persons

18. Folder Encryption Fairy 4.0
  An efficient and user-friendly data protection tool that will encrypt your folders and secure your data privacy

19. GPGView 0.9
  A user-friendly and simple application for file encryption, fast and efficient

20. Hidden Archive Finder 1.0
  A compact, smart and simple-to-use application for scanning your system

21. Hide Folders 2009 3.1 Build
  An efficient and user-friendly data protection application that will encrypt your confidential files and folders thus restricting unauthorized access to them.

22. HIPAA Security Rule Assistant 8.5
  Stores and manages your policies

23. Hitonic MIDlet Protector 2.1.0
  With the help of this tool the launch of MIDlets can be restricted according to your settings.

24. IE Privacy Manager 1.2 Build
  The application takes efficient care of your information security when you are away from your PC and your Internet browser is running

25. Internet Kiosk Pro 6.21
  A useful access controlling utility to protect public access PCs from unauthorized tampering with settings and functions

26. Kids PC Time Administrator
  Now your kids will be able to use the PC strictly within the limits that you have set for them

27. Mask Surf Pro 2.1
  A handy and efficient application for safe and anonymous Internet surfing

28. PC Guard for Win32 5.03.0600
  A handy access restriction utility that will let your protect an unlimited number of your applications without paying for an additional software package

29. Privacy Control 2.6
  Feel protected and anonymous when being on-line with this powerful security tool

30. Privoxy 3.0.12
  Protects your information privacy by offering an advanced web proxy with top level filtering functions that guarantees 100% of effectiveness

31. PROACTIME 8.11
  A very handy time and project management tool that will make your progress with personal projects much more fast and efficient.

32. Process Blocker 0.5 Beta
  An ultimate PC controlling application that gives your full administrative control over running of any service or software on your Windows OS

33. Quick Password
  A Quick Password software that generates passwords for downloading.

34. Software Time Lock 6.4.0
  Now you have full administrative control over the applications on your system, monitoring the launching time and duration of their usage

35. Spodek 0.5
  A smart kernel driver specially developed to make your presence in the system undetectable.

36. System Security 2009 5.0.2
  A useful access controlling utility to protect your PC from unauthorized usage as well as tampering with settings and functions in your absence.

37. USB Cop 1.0 PreAlpha 4
  A USB based portable application that provides security features for your PC

38. User Time Administrator
  An efficient system access controlling tool that allows you to set time and access limits for all users of a given workstation.

39. WTM Copy Protection 2.31
  A handy software solution that protects your ownership rights by imposing copy restrictions on images

40. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 8.0.365.004 Beta /
  ZoneAlarm Security Suite is an ultimate security package for protection of your PC, it comes together with integrated powerful and feature-rich Web security module including ZoneAlarm ForceField

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