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File Management

1. Advanced Directory Printer 1.47
  A simple to use tool that efficiently creates a list of all files in a subfolder or a directory and saves it into a text format file that you can print out later

2. Allway Sync 9.2.11
  A compact and fast synchronization solution for files and directories, which is based on the latest advanced algorithm

3. Archivarius 3000 4.19
  A feature rich text-searching utility that works with documents and e-mail messages and provides integrated support of ten languages

4. Checksum Verifier
  Make use of this handy checksum verifier

5. CZ Print Release Station
  A perfect choice for controlling and managing of all printing activities with he help of a single software application that is able to hold, release, audit and track the print jobs

6. Dependency Walker 2.2.6000
  Will help you to create complicated hierarchical tree diagrams saving you time and efforts.

7. DupeChecker 5.5
  A space optimization tool that will find all duplicate files sorting them by the name, content and file sizes quickly and in an easy way

8. dupeGuru Music Edition 5.5.2
  Will help you to optimize your collection of music files by quickly and efficiently locating duplicate songs

9. Dupehunter Professional 8.0.3402
  Will help you to optimize your HDD space by lightning fast detection of duplicate files in your system

10. Effective File Search 6.1
  A perfect searching tool optimized for quick and efficient location of needed files on your system

11. File Properties Changer 1.36
  A small and handy utility for applying modifications to file properties in a quick and easy way

12. FileTracker 1.2.0
  An feature-rich and simple-to-use file manager, which can be a reasonable alternative to the conventional Windows Explorer

13. FTPSync
  A highly efficient and fast utility for file synchronization with a publishing function that will send reports to you by e-mail

14. Full Copy 0.1 Build 2004\\12\\28
  A small and efficient utility to make copies of all kinds of files

15. GNU Grep
  A handy and feature-rich application that will find text files among all other formats with ease, has a lot of highly flexible adjustments

16. GNU Less 3.32
  A command line-based tool that enables reading of file or program output

17. HashTools 1.3.0
  Will calculate hashes for different files in a simple and easy way

18. Marxio File Checksum Verifier 1.3.1
  Will quickly and easily verify checksums for you

19. NewMove 1.02
  Sorts the files according to the time of latest modification, can copy or move them to other locations.

20. RenameMaestro 2.0.1
  Will save you time and efforts by quickly and correctly renaming massive number of files

21. Super Finder XT
  Will search and find files according to set search conditions in a fast and efficient way

22. Take Command LE 10.00.64
  A useful application that will considerably enhance the traditional file handling abilities of MS Windows by adding such function as possibility to copy, move, delete, or list multiple files by a single mouse click and much more

23. Tarylynn 2.8.869
  The most efficient way to do correct synchronization of the entire contents of two directories

24. TreeSize Professional
  Optimizes performance of your Windows system by monitoring the HDD space thus enabling you to clear it from unwanted data that is clogging your system

25. TreeSize
  With the help of this HDD space optimization utility you will always be in the know regarding which files exactly have just gobbled down the precious free space on the disk

26. Vistanita Duplicate Finder formerly Vistanita Twin2Die 3.7.2
  A simple-to-use and efficient optimization utility that can free extra HDD space by finding duplicate files of any format (documents, music, images, video) in just a couple of mouse clicks.

27. Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder
  Find and delete duplicate images thus saving free HDD space.

28. WinMerge 2.13.5 Experimental / 2.12.2
  A freeware utility for differencing and merging of images that is fast and efficient.

29. wList
  A simple to use tool that efficiently creates a list of all files in a subfolder or a folder and saves it into a text format file.

30. ZetaTag Auto-Renamer 1.0
  Will save you time and efforts by quickly and correctly renaming music files of various formats

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