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Launchers & Shutdown Tools

1. 12Ghosts ShutDown
  A handy tool that will terminate any application that stops responding with 100% guaranteed result

2. 12Ghosts Startup
  A handy utility that gives you control over the applications that will run at Windows startup, a good alternative to the convention MS Config tool

3. Auto Shutdown Manager
  By optimizing the power consumption of your workstation this useful tool will cut down PC power expenditures by 80%

4. CPUOff 5.5
  Prevents the damage to your hardware by shutting down the workstation in case the CPU load exceed the acceptable limits

5. Dbofs TMenu 1.3
  Will quickly and efficiently open all the applications in the task bar of your workstation.

6. Easy Launcher 1.3
  Easy Launcher is a perfect tool designed to save you time and efforts by way of smart management of your applications and desktop shortcuts so they can be launched in a snap.

7. Executioner 0.1
  A handy and user-friendly launcher for all kinds of console software.

8. Find and Run Robot 2.53.02
  A must-have tool for enthusiasts of system automation that will launch any application with lightning speed after your have typed just several corresponding letters

9. Hagais Menu 1.1
  Will launch the applications selected by you with lightning speed, saving you a lot of time

10. KeepAlive Pro 13.9.4
  A handy process monitoring tool that detects all applications failures at once

11. KeyManager 1.3
  A handy tool that will substantially extend the possibilities of your conventional keyboard saving you lots of time.

12. KillProcess 2.44 Beta / 2.43
  A handy task manager for Windows systems that will reliably and quickly bring any system process to termination

13. Launcher Pro 1.6.5
  A must-have tool for enthusiasts of system automation that will perfectly organize the shortcuts and launch them in a snap

14. Launcher 1.6.5
  A must-have tool for enthusiasts of system automation that will perfectly manage your entire personal shortcuts to launch them in snap.

15. LogOff 1.0
  Logs you off the current session in a simple, efficient and time-saving way, a must-have for enthusiasts of system automation

16. MiddleClick 1.1
  A tool for launching macros that will substantially automate your system saving you lots of time and effort

17. Perfect Automation 2.3.3
  A must-have tool for enthusiasts of system automation that facilitates and speeds up task launching

18. PS Hot Folders 2.2
  Easily grants you lightning fast access to MRU and the directories of your choice directly through the Open/Save As/Browse dialog

19. QL Shutdown 2.1
  A must-have tool for enthusiasts of saving money on power consumption that will make it possible to control the electricity consumption on massive number of workstations in an easy and user-friendly way

20. QuickWayToFolders 1.0.1
  Will give a lightning fast access to the directory contents saving you time and effort

21. Shut Down Expert 5.05
  Turns off or turns on your workstation in the most efficient and time-saving way

22. Shutdown Timer Express 1.0.3
  A handy monitoring and scheduling tool that will perfectly automate such operations as shutting down of the PC, restart, logging in or off at any time specified by user

23. SingleTask 1.3
  A practical task optimization tool to improve the speed and performance of your system

24. Speedy Launcher 0.7
  A handy and user-friendly tool for launching of the programs of your choice, saving you lots of time.

25. StartX 1.06
  A simple but reliable command line-based launcher for CreateProcess API that will save you a lot of time

26. VisualCron 5.1.0 Build 20120
  Working like a Cron utility from Linux, this tool is a powerful scheduler for Windows that is handy and user-friendly, saving you lots of time.

27. Volt 1.4
  A handy visual indicator of the battery charge level with shut-down functionality, reliable and safe

28. WinShortcuts 1.0
  A must-have tool for enthusiasts of system automation that efficiently organizes your shortcuts and speeds up launching of applications.

29. ZenKEY 2.0.17
  A handy utility that substantially extends the traditional capacities of your keyboard making it possible to restore, move and control application windows just with a couple of key strokes

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