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CPU Tweak

1. ActiveSyncToggle
  Microsoft ActiveSync is now much more efficiently managed with the help of the ActiveSyncToggle tool

2. AMD Virtualization Technology and Microsoft Hyper-V System Compatibility Check Utility 6.0.6000.4
  A specialized application for benchmarking and diagnostics that will detect the performance parameters of your system in order to estimate its compatibility for testing of Microsoft Hyper-V on computers with AMD CPU

3. AuthScanner Build 0325
  Being a great tool for optimization of PC systems based on AMD64 processors, the ultimate AuthScanner offers such functions as recognition and decoding of code matrixes, editing and comparing of the parameters, their handling and storing

4. Bench 1.0
  Being a cross-platform benchmarking solution, the versatile Bench is ideally optimized for measuring generic performance of a CPU, cache and memory in an exact and efficient way

5. CPU-Control 1.0
  A useful and efficient tool for multicore-systems that can easily cope with controlling the CPU affinity

6. CPUFSB 2.2.18
  CPUFSB is a compact but full featured version of the popular CPUCool that can introduce changes into the FSB parameters with 100% safety of the results

7. Cpukiller3
  A useful application for all lovers of vintage programs and games, the Cpukiller3 facilitates their operation on modern PCs by slowing down the performance

8. CpuUsage 1.0
  Now your can have the CPU load graphically displayed in a tray icon with the help of this very compact but practical CPUUsage System Service tool

9. CrystalCPUID
  A reasonable choice among CPU speed overclocking tools that is 100% safe

10. FireLion FrostShield 2.0
  Will monitor the CPU load of your system in order to eliminate the possibility of system deadlock and loss of important data

11. GameHike
  The ultimate solution among the PC system optimization and tweaking tools that will drive the performance and speed of your computer to the uttermost level with 100% guaranteed safety

12. KCPUCooler 1.0.0
  A very simple but useful tool for performance optimization of the system, the KCPUCooler will just suspend the idling CPU

13. Obrut 1.02
  A specialized application for benchmarking and diagnostics of your system that emulates underload or overload of your computer by implementing loads of different level on its memory or CPU

14. PerfMonitor
  A reasonably efficient tweaking application for your computer that will detect the bottlenecks handicapping the performance of your system, is safe and user-friendly

15. SD Net Speed Booster
  A handy optimization utility to enhance the performance of your RAM if it decreases below a preset limit, it is also equipped with a scheduling function.

16. SetSpeed 1.3.1
  A user-friendly and safe to operate utility that will perfectly optimize the speed and performance of your CPU.

17. Slow 0.8
  Though compact, Slow is an efficient and safe to operate utility for adjustment of the CPU speed, has a nice user-friendly graphic interface.

18. SMP Seesaw Pro 1.0
  A compact but full featured utility that will ideally balance loads on multicore-CPUs or multi-core computers on Windows platform

19. SMP Seesaw 1.0
  A compact but full featured utility that will ideally balance loads on dual-core-CPUs or dual-core computers on Windows platform.

20. TurboCPU 2.0
  A useful tool for performance optimization of the system, the TurboCPU ideally increases or reduces the speed of your CPU for application of different processes

21. Watts Calculator III 3.2.1
  Watts Calculator III is a compact but nice-looking utility that will prove useful for enthusiasts of overclocking, calculating exactly the power consumption of the overclocked CPU

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