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1. 12Ghosts JumpReg
  In one click allows access to bookmarked registry keys, efficiently and safely

2. 12Ghosts JustAWindow
  Saves your precious desktop space by covering, hiding or concealing its parts that you do not need or do not want to see at the moment

3. 1st Desktop Guard 2.51
  Restricts unauthorized access to the desktop wallpaper and screen saver settings on your system

4. 360desktop Beta
  Introduces some more fresh excitement to your desktop conventional looks by adding some amazing visual effects

5. Actual Title Buttons 5.3
  A tool for managing your precious desktop space by introducing to any title bar two special buttons that will either minimize the application to the tray or make it always stay on the top

6. Actual Window Guard 5.3
  Will efficiently manage your precious desktop space by automatically adjusting the startup application windows and avoiding the most annoying ones

7. Actual Window Menu 5.3
  A smart and efficient tool that automatically arranges windows of the running applications providing fast and safe management for them.

8. Actual Window Minimizer 5.3
  A smart and efficient tool to manage windows of the running applications by minimizing them to a tiny system tray or a screen edge icon to save you the precious desktop space

9. Beautiful Earth 7.2.2
  Now you will have a reliable weather forecast that is brought directly to your desktop by this nice-looking and user-friendly utility.

10. Big Show 2
  3 handy tools to make your desktop look more interesting that support 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 display resolutions easily

11. Big Stretch 1.0
  Takes care of your health by reminding of necessity to make frequent intervals while working at your PC in order to avoid Repetitive strain injury syndrome (RSI).

12. Clicky Gone 1.4.1
  Will give you additional control over your task bar icons, now you can hide them from prying eyes.

13. Desktop Wallpaper Timer 1.6.12
  Takes care automatically of changing your desktop wallpaper according to adjustable time settings.

14. digiNotes
  A compact but useful manager of reminders with a handy Post-it right on your desktop function

15. DimScreen 1.1
  Will automatically make changes to the screen dimensions for you.

16. DisplayFusion 3.0.2
  An automatic wallpaper changing application that easily and efficiently supports multiple monitors, placing a different image as desktop wallpaper on each of them and replacing them from time to time.

17. goScreen
  Based on Microsoft Windows platform, this interesting software solution offers a Virtual Desktop manager for your system.

18. InstantTxt
  Make your KO Approach shell enhancement solution more functional with the new InstantTxt plug-in module

19. OneLoupe 1.06
  Automatically enlarges all the objects on your screen when you need to take a closer look at things.

20. OverlayPaper 1.0 RC 1
  A nice-looking tool that will take care of changing your desktop wallpapers automatically.

21. Real Desktop Light 1.49
  Transforms your conventional desktop in to an amazingly-looking efficient time and data managing tool with great performance that your have never experienced before.

22. RelaxMyEyes 1.0
  A compact tool that brings some fresh excitement for your weary and bored eyes.

23. SwizzTool 6.0
  A compact but smart reminder tool that quietly sits in your system tray keeping you aware of important meetings and events.

24. ThetaWall
  A really efficient and compact wallpaper and screen saver managing tool with handy support of multiple monitors.

25. Time Memo
  A handy utility that automatically verifies the time settings of your system clock against some NTP server

26. Transform XP to Vista 3.1
  Brings a fresh-looking Vista interface direct to your conventional desktop, safely and efficiently.

27. TurboNote+ 6.5
  A really efficient and compact event managing tool that will keep your lists, dates, schedules and instant messages in perfect order so you never overlook anything important

28. Video Wallpaper Master 1.0.0
  Will add some fresh excitement to your conventional desktop looks by introducing an amazing video wallpaper; runs under any version of Microsoft Windows

29. Wallpaper Action 5.2.2
  A useful piece of software that will automatically replace your desktop wallpaper with a fresh one according to adjusted time settings

30. Wallpaper Slideshow Pro 2.2.3
  A smart and handy tool that will automatically change your wallpapers adding some more excitement to your conventional desktop looks

31. Wally 2.0.2
  Qt4 is a smart and handy wallpaper changer for your PC that connects to various sources such as your files and directories, Flickr community and much more

32. Window Hide 2.1
  A handy utility for protection of your data privacy that can easily hide application windows on your desktop from prying eyes.

33. ZapWallPaper 2009.03.31
  A smart and nice-looking wallpaper changing tool

34. Znow desktop decoR Lab 1.0.3
  Will add some fresh excitement to your conventional desktop looks, is compact and user-friendly

35. ZoomIt 3.03
  A convenient utility for presentations with a handy screen zoom; is able to add professional-looking technical annotations

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