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Server Applications

1. Active Directory Network Manager 1.6
  Lets you check the last log-in time of a user or the last instance when a PC was active within your domain.

2. Alchemy Network Monitor 9.9
  A handy and efficient application that facilitates LAN administration for you and is equipped with such useful features as automatic monitoring of availability and performance of the servers as well as failure alert, it is user-friendly and reliable

3. Caravan Business Server for Linux 3.15-03D
  A specialized environment for development and deployment of Web-applications, it supports tiny footprint mode and runs on multiple platforms

4. DiscoverStation 4.0
  DiscoverStation is a reliable software package that facilitates public computing administration, it is budget-priced and convenient to use

5. FreeNAS 0.69b4 / 0.686.4 Stable
  A NAS server that is free of charge and feature -rich, perfectly supports software RAID, FTP and NFS protocols and more

6. iAdmin Mobile 3.6
  iAdmin Mobile is the number one solution at today's market among tools for mobile management of network systems

7. LambdaProbe for Tomcat 1.5
  Lambda Probe was designed as a free open-source solution to facilitate sever monitoring, supports Apache Tomcat and JBoss perfectly

8. Little eye 2.0
  Little Eye is a LAN monitoring tool that is not only efficient and reliable but also cost affective, saving you precious funds and time.

9. Mysql Data Manager 1.73
  A handy Web-based MySql administration utility that is full of useful functions and independent of all existing platforms

10. MZL & Novatech Traffic Statistics Linux Server
  Allows split by host and service reporting of the statistics data related to IP traffic and bandwidth usage

11. PrintView 1.5
  PrintView is a handy application that will facilitate efficient management of printers.

12. ProFTPD 1.3.1rc1
  ProFTPD is an FTP server solution for UNIX-based operation systems that is powerful, feature-rich and lightning fast.

13. SIP Express Router SER 0.8.14
  A server for Voice over IP/SIP (RFC3261) that is powerful, feature-rich, highly configurable and free of charge

14. TheOne SysLog Sender Free Edition 2.5.0
  Lets you benchmark the performance level of your system logging server in an easy and reliable way

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