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Instant Messaging

1. 123 Web Messenger 1.4
  A handy and efficient client for instant messaging that is Web browser-based, fast and safe

2. 2A-ChitChat
  A compact and nice-looking instant messenger utility that can be an interesting alternative to ICQ, AIM and other similar solutions; comes together with integrates server!

3. AIM Beta 3
  Commucate with your buddies, colleagues and family members in a comfortable way in real-time by using this online service that will cost you nothing

4. Air Messenger Lite 6.3.0
  A handy tool for enthusiasts of on-line chats, this instant messenger receives, sends, manages and keeps an eye on you instant communications and not only that

5. Air Messenger Pro 8.3.0
  A handy reminding tool that not only provides you with instant messaging services but will take care that you never miss or forget an important appointment or a phone call

6. Batch Chat 1.0
  A compact and simple software solution for comfortable Internet chat

7. Bopup Communication Server
  Network Groups presents a new instant messaging and management software package optimized for corporate usage

8. Citron Messenger Beta
  A new generation of professional and stylish looking applications that perfectly support all your favorite contact lists and features you are used to

9. ConCon Retriever 2.2.8
  A handy data protection tool for your Windows Live Messenger that will provide complete access to your customized emoticons and other features and settings, making back-up copies of them

10. digsby Build 20700
  A single universal application that efficiently supports multiple instant messaging protocols and makes your chat exchange with buddies more comfortable and convenient

11. e2eSoft VCam 4.3.5
  A handy and efficient camera application based on WDM, this tool was created by e2eSoft and is optimized to be supported by the majority of Instant Messaging application that have such function as a camera support

12. easy PC texting 2.3.621.131
  Enjoy extended functionality of your Instant Messaging applications with this handy tool that allows you sending and receiving SMS messages directly from your PC, easily and conveniently.

13. EatCam Webcam Recorder Pro 4.0
  A useful application for all Web-cam users that allows recoding the video from the camera to an .avi file to save and watch at your convenience

14. Emoji 1.0.2
  Enjoy extended functionality of your iPhone or iPod touch that now will support Japanese-style Emoji smile icons even if you are not at the territory of Japan

15. Eyeball Chat 3.0.5112
  Enjoy comfortable chat with your friends with extended video conference functionality

16. ICQ 6.5 Build 1042
  Another streamlined Instant Messenger client that perfectly supports the popular ICQ service

17. Instantbird
  A single universal application that efficiently supports and manages your multiple instant messaging accounts and supports the most popular IM services.

18. Internal Chat Client 5.6.7
  Instant messaging client that is simple, handy and comfortable to use

19. IToolabs Communicator 1.3.0
  All users of Unified Communications service are provided with greatly extended functionality and efficiency with this new softphone application that is really unique

20. JBuddy Messenger Pro 3.0
  A specially optimized for enterprises of any size this Instant Messaging application comes equipped with full number of necessary features and is supported by the most popular IM services

21. LIVECHAT Communicator
  A comprehensive software package that offers all-in-one solution for your Instant Messaging and on-line security, with 100% guaranteed effectiveness and satisfaction.

22. Manycam 2.4.30
  Enjoy extended functionality of your conventional webcam; now you will be able to use it with several applications in parallel, easily and conveniently

23. MessengerLog 360 7.12
  A handy tool that can monitor all activities of your Instant Messenger, recoding it and saving as a log report file

24. miOOt Live Chat 3.2.3
  A handy tool for owners of websites that provides perfect real-time monitoring of your site visitors on-line status, easily and conveniently keeping you in the know

25. MizuPhone 1.4.4
  Based on P2P protocol and technology, this SoftPhone is an efficient and feature-rich application for SIP - communication over Internet

26. Mumble 1.1.8
  Provides for enthusiasts of on-line gaming a good-quality voice communication service with very low waiting time

27. Nimbuzz 0.90.5
  Nimbuzz is a fast and nice-looking IM application to let you comfortably communicate with your buddies, send instant messages and invite other users

28. Omega Messenger 3.1.5
  For chatting comfortably on MSN or Yahoo IM services you only need to install this one perfectly optimized and feature-rich utility

29. ooVoo
  Provides perfect instant communication with your buddies, family members and partners in business, easily and conveniently

30. Palringo 1.3.0 Beta / 1.2.6
  Palringo is a fascinating newcomer in the family of Mobile Instant Messaging clients that is powerful and rich in such useful features as instant exchange of text messages, images, and audio messages on individual or group basis all around the world; easily and conveniently, can be run on a mobile phone or a PC

31. PalTalkScene 9.6 Build 313
  With the help of this Instant messaging tool you will be able to communicate all around the world by sending and receiving text messages and files, conduction video conferences and so on

32. POPme Instant Messaging 1.5.3
  POPme Instant Messaging is a fast and simple-to-use IM tool that with 100% guarantee will noticeably improve the efficiency of your office communications

33. QIP Infium 2.0 Build 9030 RC4 / 1.0 Build 8092
  Enjoy perfect instant communication over the Internet with this powerful closed source application with some quite unique functional features

34. TTMessenger 3.1
  TTMessenger is a universal instant messaging solution for your PC that provides such additional services as telephone and fax communications, as well as sending and receiving faxes and SMS messages

35. Verbal Area Messenger 2.0
  Communicate instantly and easily with your chat-buddies with the help of this simple and nice-looking instant messaging client

36. VoxOx 1.1.1 Beta
  Reshapes your on-line lifestyle in an absolutely new way giving you innovatively perfect command over its functionality and features

37. Windows Messenger 5.1.0715
  Indicates the on-line status of your chat buddies making the exchange of instant messages much more comfortable

38. Wippien 2.2.5
  A compact and perfectly optimized software solution to replace any instant messaging client.

39. Xfire 1.106 Build 36285
  The tool monitors the network status of your buddies and keeps you in the know each time when they come on-line to play games so you do not ever miss a chance to share the fun with them

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