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IRC Clients

1. AdiIRC 1.8.3
  A very compact IRC tool that at the same time is stable, efficient and rich in handy features

2. ATSA Chat 1.0
  ATSA Chat is a compact and simple solution to enable Internet chat in an easy and problem-free way

3. ChatIRC 2.14 Build 1889
  A compact and fast tool for Internet chat that is really user-friendly and convenient

4. cIRCulation 0.4.0
  Number one choice among tools for users of IRC network that insures the best scripting and expandability among the similar applications at the market today

5. CryptoIRC 1.01 Beta
  An efficient and secure IRC utility that protects your privacy with powerful password encryption

6. Dana 1.3b
  Though been a freeware program, Dana IRC client supports skins

7. DMDirc 0.5.5
  A Java-based IRC application that easily runs on multiple computer platforms

8. Hikari Anime Chat 3.04
  This compact and fast IM tool is a great choice for all enthusiasts and lovers of anime, providing convenient communication between the fans all around the world.

9. HIRC 1.18
  HIRC is a simple-to-use but fully-featured IRC application that is very compact and stable

10. InspIRCd 1.1.16
  A cross-platform modular C++ Daemon program to handle IRC that perfectly runs under Linux, BSD and Windows as wells.

11. IRCmmm
  Due to the fact of being developed on the basis of C# .NET, the IRCmmm IRC/SIP application is feature-rich and can boast functionality that is not inferior to functionality of the best IM client programs.

12. jIRleeCh 1.3
  Written using Java, this IRC application is specially developed to provide easy and stable acquisition of XDCC packs

13. Klient
  Klient is an efficient and simple-to-use Internet Relay Chat application that runs on Windows platform

14. KoolChat 2.3
  KoolChat is a nice-looking IRC application with graphical interface that is distributed as a freeware program

15. KoroIRC 0.3 Build 071125 Beta
  This tool facilitates retrieval of all connections in a simple and efficient way by saving all connection information into a special identity file that later, if need be, can be accessed easily and in no time.

16. KVIrc 3.4.2
  Being very compact and fast, this full-featured IRC application fully supports IPv6 protocol

17. MegaIRC 4.05
  A simple IRC client, which, nevertheless, boasts a user-friendly multilingual interface and can be operated from the command line

18. mIRC Power Pack 8.00 RC13+
  Improve the functionality of your conventional mIRC client with the help of this advanced script with many attractive features

19. mIRC 6.35
  An Internet Realy chat application with highly extended flexibility of configuration settings and adjustments

20. MSChat 0.7b
  MSChat is a handy client to enable subnet chat communication.

21. Nettalk 6.5
  A reasonable choice for Windows-based IRC enthusiasts, this full-featured and user-friendly client is distributed free of charge

22. NoNameScript 4.2.2
  With the help of this useful smart script your conventional mIRC client will acquire some advanced and very attractive functional features

23. Origin IRC Traveler 1.4.468
  A specialized IRC application for simple and convenient sharing of files

24. ParaIrc 0.2.2
  Java-based, ParaIrc is a simple-to-use but fully-featured IRC application

25. PhibianIRC 1.7.0
  A compact but efficient messaging tool for users of IRC network that supports some advanced features such as scripting, graphical emoticons (smiles) and automation of some operations

26. savIRC 2.1
  savIRC is a simple-to-use but fully-featured IRC application that is distributed as a freeware program

27. T2i 0.3
  A compact and fast tool for IRC chat that is extremely simple to use

28. Talkative IRC Beta
  Would you like to connect and communicate with thousands of people simultaneously, in a simple and convenient way?

29. TurboIRC 7
  A functional tool for Internet Related Chat enthusiasts, this compact and simple to use IRC client is equipped with lots of advanced and very handy IRC features

30. VooDoo cIRCle 1.1.36
  A smart robot application that will take care of routine and dull IRC tasks for you, saving a lot of precious time and effort.

31. wxMagenta 0.4.0
  Based on simple and reliable CyanChat protocol this compact and user-friendly application can be a useful tool for Internet chat enthusiasts

32. X-Chat 2.8.7e
  A simple IRC client with basic chat features that runs on multiple platforms, including Windows and UNIX (Linux/BSD.

33. XiRCON 1.0B4
  With XiRCON IRC client you will be able to log into several servers at the same time without any problems

34. zIrc 0.6.8
  Written as a purely Java-based IRC tool, zIrc is a good choice as a client software for lovers of Internet Relay Chat, compact and stable

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