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1. 123 Flash Chat Server Software 7.1
  An extremely powerful and resourceful real-time support for multiple Internet chat rooms and thousands of visitors without any noticeable waiting time increase.

2. Aim Ad Hack 5.58 Beta / 5.56
  A handy tool that will take care of removing all advertisement from your latest release of AOL Instant Messaging client

3. AIM Spy Monitor 7.10
  Makes available for you a time-saving feature of checking recorded messages through e-mails or a special Web-page.

4. Air Messenger ASCII 5.3.0
  Makes possible message forwarding to pagers and mobile phones directly from a simple text file in a simple and comfortable way.

5. Air Messenger SNPP 6.3.0
  Makes available alphanumeric pages for digital mobile phones and pages by using Internet connection, fast and simple to use.

6. Air Messenger WCTP 3.3.0
  A handy and efficient application for Instant Messages exchange by using a just WCTP protocol and gateway; lets you communicate in a simple and comfortable way.

7. BC In Out Board 9.5
  A handy Web-based application that will automatically monitor and display the on-line status of your co-workers of project-team members

8. Belkasoft Forensic IM Analyzer 1.03 Build 44
  Automatically makes available the results of analysis of instant messaging histories, supports different clients.

9. Buddy Adder Pro former BuddyBot 2.0.12
  Rocket up your own popularity rating at MySpace up to the Moon by using this simple and convenient utility!

10. ChateX 1.15
  A universal all-in-one software package for simple, fast and reliable instant messaging exchange

11. Collanos Workplace Windows
  For efficient and fast interaction with members of your project team this useful application makes available a universal data space to share messages, files and co-operate, saving you a lot of time and precious HDD space that will not be cluttered by project-related materials

12. Free Emoticons Set 1 1.0
  A great new collection of more than 50 cool smile icons to add some fresh excitement to your conventional MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger clients.

13. Friendly Chat 4.6.1
  Though a freeware product, this utility is a fully functional Instant Messaging client for comfortable real-time chat exchange over LAN or Internet

14. IceLayout Builder 4.0
  Create fresh layout files to modify the interface of your IceOp 4.x

15. IcePack Builder 4.0
  IceOp 4.x will get fresh new or fully modified packs of Reasons and Ads

16. IMSpellchecker XP 2.2
  A handy and very useful plug-in module for instant messaging clients that will perfectly check for you the spelling of your messages

17. Instant Watcher Golden
  A useful utility to extend the functionality of your VoIP client by adding such functions as conversation recording, music sharing and text to speech conversion.

18. La-Z Cam 1.0
  Facilitates Camfrog rooms users the process of window organization by doing it automatically

19. Magic Smiley Collection for PostSmile 3.0
  Add some fresh emotion-colored motives to your traditional e-mails and Internet forums postings by making them attractively mysterious and enigmatic!

20. MagicCamera 5.5.0
  Among a number of exciting additional features it also is able to create a fake Web-cam interface that is full of amazing video effects.

21. Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Group Chat Client 3.5.6907.0
  Facilitates users the process of registering or logging-in to various chat room services

22. mIRCStats 1.23
  AN IRC client that is handy and simple-to use

23. MSN Slide Max
  Will make use of MSN Messenger and Windows Live as bases for slideshow that will be displayed as a picture on your screen

24. MX Skype Recorder 4.0.1
  A handy plug-in module for Skype that makes available a useful function of incoming and outgoing calls recoding and saving them as into MP3 file

25. OfficeSIP Alerter 1.1
  By utilizing the popular Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), this handy client will make available for you instant messages exchange with any other type of SIP-based messaging applications.

26. PrettyMay Call Center for Skype
  A handy plug-in module for Skype that will turn it into a fully functional 100% software-based call center

27. PrettyMay Call Recorder for Skype
  A handy plug-in module for Skype that will improve its functionality by adding such feature as recording of incoming and outgoing calls, and saving the recoding in mp3 an answering machine, music sharing and others

28. PrettyMay Voice Plugin for Skype
  A handy plug-in module for Skype that will improve its functionality by adding such feature as recording of incoming and outgoing calls and saving the recoding in mp3 format

29. SeeStorm for Skype
  Add some fresh excitement to your Skype phone exchanges by displaying three-dimensional talking heads

30. SkypeLogView 1.11
  Makes Skype log file available for you to read and analyze

31. twhirl 0.9
  An Adobe AIR-based desktop application that serves as a compact but efficient client for Twitter and FriendFeed services, handy and convenient to use

32. Voice Emotion for VoIP 6.1
  Introduce some fresh fun and exciting romance to your Instant Messaging exchanges with the help of this unconventional utility

33. Winter and Christmas Smiley Collection for PostSmile 3.0
  Extends the functionality of your Masterra PostSmile with a fresh collection of cool emoticons you do not want to miss.

34. You\'ve Got Gmail for Trillian 1.0.1 Build 1001
  A handy plug-in module for Trillian IM client that extends its functionality by making available the "you have got mail" notification function for Gmail accounts

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