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File Sharing

1. Anubis P2P
  A newly optimized P2P application for fast and safe downloading and exchange of files over the Internet

2. Ares
  A handy and reliable client for P2P sharing that is rather popular among users

3. Azureus Ultra Accelerator
  A handy optimization utility specially designed to increase the speed of your Azureus downloads significantly and in a user-friendly way

4. BearShare Ultra Accelerator 6.2.4
  An add-on for your BearShare P2P client is now available for download

5. BitComet Ultra Accelerator
  With this handy and efficient plug-in module you will significantly speed-up your BitComet P2P downloads in a user-friendly and perfectly safe way

6. BitTorrent PRO
  A handy, fast and reliable downloading utility that will help you to locate and get the needed files in the Internet in a user-friendly and safe way.

7. Crux
  A Windows based P2P application that allows fast and safe download of files of any size in a user-friendly way

8. Deluge 1.1.5
  A powerful and feature-rich BitTorrent application now available for MS Windows users

9. Easy Lan Folder Share
  Will allow convenient and safe file exchange and sharing over the LAN

10. eMule Super Booster
  A popular eMule P2P sharing system now boasts a new add-on utility.

11. eMule Ultra Accelerator 2.9.1
  A handy and efficient tool that will surely speed your downloads up noticeably.

12. eMule Xtreme 7.2 Beta 1 / 6.1 Final
  The most popular and the most efficient P2P all-world sharing system is now available in a new modification.

13. eNNerGO 0.12
  A P2P system that provides for electronic commerce in a user-friendly way

14. FrostWire Acceleration Tool 2.3.5
  Boost your download speed significantly and enjoy fast exchange of files over the Internet!

15. GigaTribe 2.52
  Establish your own private file-sharing (P2P) network and share files of any size with your buddies in user-friendly, fast and 100% protected way

16. LimeWire Ultra Accelerator
  An advanced optimization plug-in for LimeWire users designed speed-up your downloads noticeably

17. MP3 Torpedo 5.5.6
  LimeWire Gnutella client that enjoys considerable popularity now boasts a new fork

18. Netwalker 0.1.1
  Allows fast and safe transfer of files directly between workstations

19. Oneeko 1.1
  You will be able to easily share your screen shots just in a few mouse clicks in a user-friendly way.

20. PeerAware 1.06
  Provides securely protected sharing of the content in a fast and user-friendly way.

21. PowerFolder 3.1.7
  A handy and efficient tool for remote synchronization of folders via the internet or local area network, is user friendly and safe

22. Shareaza PRO 3.4.1
  A freeware P2P sharing application that will enable fast and safe file exchange and downloading via the Internet.

23. Torrent Ratio Keeper Monster 2.3
  An optimization plug-in for P2P file sharing systems that will boost the speed of your downloads significantly and help you keep efficient share ratio; supports such P2P systems as uTorrent, BitTorrent, Vuze, BitLord and BitComet

24. Torrents Open Registrations Checker 1.25
  Efficiently verify the open and closed registrations at the Torrent tracker sites in a fast and 100% safe way

25. Trilix 3.3.9
  This P2P application is not only efficient but the most elegant looking one all over the world!

26. TruxShare 4.1.1
  A handy tool for file sharing systems that allows you to locate and download the needed files in a fast, user-friendly and safe way

27. Tweetr 3.4
  A handy tool for Twitter users that also makes it possible to exchange files and chat messages with your friends all over the world

28. USBDeviceShare
  Allows efficient and securely protected LAN or Internet access to USB devices in a user-friendly way.

29. Weezo 1.3.0
  Allows optimized remote access to the files of your computer, instant files exchange and your media streaming in a user- friendly way.

30. WirelessGet 1.3
  A handy and efficient tool for remote coping of shared files and folders over insecure networks (like WLAN) in a user-friendly, fast and safe way.

31. Zultrax P2P 4.30
  An absolutely adware-free P2P sharing application designed for Gnutella network users

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