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Remote Utils

1. 1-2-Remote 1.3.0
  A Pocket PC solution for remote access control and administration

2. Address Monitor
  Keeps you informed about the changes in the addresses of your Internet service provider

3. Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom 4.8.6
  A remote administration tool that makes it possible to view desktops of other remote computers connected to the network

4. AirPort Utility 5.4.1
  Helps you to manage all of your wireless Apple devices in a simple, user-friendly and time-saving way

5. Anyplace Control
  An efficient and reliable remote control solution that makes possible the access to the remote desktop and files transfer in a simple and user-friendly way

6. BlueSoleil
  Provides excellent and safe connection for remote synchronization and exchange of personal data, name cards and so on between notebooks, PDAs or mobile phones in a simple, user-friendly and problem-free way

7. Bluetooth Promoter 24x7 1.6
  Using the Bluetooth connections this handy solution provides efficient advertising possibilities based on the proximity advertising system

8. Classroom Spy Professional 3.1.7
  A handy utility that was specially designed for efficient and problem-free remote monitoring and administrating of other computers over the network or Internet.

9. Computers Hall 3.45
  A perfect choice for Internet cafes, cyber cafes and computer clubs that provides for efficient remote control, management and automation in a user-friendly way

10. CrossLoop 2.44
  A freeware tool that provides fast and secure screen sharing that is perfectly suitable for PC users of all levels, from beginners and to advanced gurus

11. DisplayShare 1.1
  Provides wireless connectivity for you PC and all of you home entertainment devises, including PlayStation 3, in, a safe and problem-free way.

12. DualDesk Lite
  Using the Internet connection this handy and efficient tool provides for your support staff a perfect capability to render assistance to a remote PC located anywhere in the Net

13. EMCO Remote Desktop Enterprise Edition
  An efficient, fast and 100% safe application for remote desktop management and control

14. EMCO Remote Registry Merge
  Provides for fast and safe remote operations with registry files, including import and merging in a user-friendly way.

15. ErrMess Remote Computer
  A freeware utility that delivers remote access for playing cool pranks over your buddies.

16. Fantasy Remote 1.01a
  Fantasy Remote is the state-of-the art and most advanced solution for remote desktop control tools

17. Gbridge
  This Google based VPN is perfectly suitable for easy and secure folders synchronization, files sharing and backup; also provides for zero-configured VNC even behind NAT in a way that is user-friendly and problem-free!

18. HelpDesk VNC 3.1.2
  Instantly establishes remote access to all workstations that run under Windows OS.

19. IDEAL Administration 2009 9.11
  Provides Windows domains administration in a centralized and efficient way

20. iPlayAnywhere for iTunes 7.1
  Now you can access your iTunes Music Library music and playlists from any remote computer in the Internet and enjoy the music in a safe and problem-free way with this handy and user-friendly application

21. KontrolPack 1.3.0
  Facilitates the remote control of PC stations for network administrators by establishing a TCP/IP session and issuing shell commands through it.

22. LANOff Slave 4.2
  A handy administration tool that can monitor network connections efficiently and even shut down remote computers if it is required

23. LockMyApp
  A remote control tool that is simple, efficient and convenient to use

24. My Remote Files 2.3.5
  An efficient and reliable remote control solution that makes possible the access to the remote workstation - what you need is just an Internet connection and another computer, the tool runs under multiple platforms easily.

25. Net Control 2 7.34 Build
  A specialized solution for efficient remote control and administration over local networks.

26. Net Monitor for Employees 3.1.6
  A remote administration tool that displays on your monitor the desktops of other PC stations that are currently logged-in to the LAN

27. Netman 5.30
  A handy freeware remote access tool that is simple, 100% safe and does not require installation, so it can be run from a Flash memory device.

28. NetOp Remote Control 9.22 Build 2009056
  Perfectly secure solution for remote access, management and maintenance that is user-friendly and problem-free

29. Network Device Explorer 1.1.0
  Provides for excellent remote management for network devices from your PC in a simple and user-friendly way

30. PC File Transfer
  Provides perfectly safe, reliable and fast remote access to your files from any other computer through Internet in a user-friendly way!

31. PowerPointChanger 1.02 Beta
  A handy application that allows editing PowerPoint presentations in a simple and easy way.

32. RemBoot
  A handy remote control tool that allows rebooting of your PC from another workstation.

33. RemoteExec 4.04
  With this handy application for remote PC control you will be able to launch an applications or run a task on other computers by making just a few mouse-clicks!

34. Royal TS 1.6.5
  Now all of your desktop connections will be easily and efficiently managed by this handy application

35. SpyAnywhere 4.10
  A web-based solution that provides excellent and problem-free remote control, administration and maintenance in a user-friendly way

36. StaffCop 2.7.1
  Provides efficient real time monitoring of your employed personnel PC activities

37. TeamViewer 4.0 Build 5769
  With the help of this handy and efficient utility you can establish remote control over another PC using the Internet connection

38. TightVNC 1.3.10
  TightVNC is a freeware utility designed for the purposes of remote control on the bases of the award-winning VNC software

39. TN3270 Plus 3.2.2e
  Now PC users have a possibility to connect to IBM zSeries mainframes in an easy way by running this simple and efficient terminal emulator

40. USB for Remote Desktop 2.3.1
  Provides secure remote access to your local USB devices by launching a session of a remote terminal server.

41. visionapp Remote Desktop 2009 6.2.2576.1
  Access and control several servers and workstations with this resourceful and versatile remote control application that is safe and problem-free.

42. VNCRobot 1.3.15
  Based on VNC technology this specialized application automatically conducts efficient software tests saving you time and effort.

43. Xmanager 3.0 Build 0112
  This PC X server is a comprehensive and resourceful user-friendly solution that can be run under MS Windows in a simple and problem-free way

44. Zonablu PC
  A specialized software solution that is perfectly optimized for Bluetooth based proximity-marketing campaigns, user-friendly and reliable

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