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1. 4POS SC Client 80.00
  If your rental service requires more than one terminal this application is the right choice for your business

2. A Handy Address Book Server 2.2.0
  A user-friendly and safe Internet-based application that provides for keeping of on-line address books, is equipped with such useful features as access of multiple users and permission control

3. Air Photo Server
  A WiFi module that allows simple and easy printing of your photos directly from iPhone by connecting to the local wireless network

4. AVS 4.0.5
  A SCM software solution developed for conflictless control of file versions and efficient tracking of bugs, both tasks are performed simultaneously in a user-friendly environment

5. Best SMTP Server 3.2
  A powerful, feature -rich and fast solution that will allow problem-free setting and managing of a SMTP/POP3 mail server

6. BruteForcer 0.8.1
  A simple-to-use solution that will crack the passwords for you in a snap

7. callas pdfToolbox Server
  Efficiently automates the preflight process for Acrobat, also provides for PDF correction and color management tasks with advanced settings in a user-friendly and conflictless way

8. CodeGlide Application Server
  An open source solution developed for conflictless integration of multiple platforms

9. DNS2Go 4.1
  With the help of a dynamic DNS you can efficiently host any type of dynamic IP servers such as cable, DSL and others, in a user-friendly and conflictless way

10. eyeOS
  An efficient system for personal content management that is a freeware and smoothly runs on multiple platforms in a conflictless way, incorporates a nice-looking desktop operating system style

11. FastReport Server 2.1
  An ideal choice among enterprise-level software solutions for efficient and problemless reports generation.

12. Gmax FLV Server 2.0
  Based on the Gmax FLV Encoder this application allows conflictless and fast broadcast of captured streams in a user-friendly way

13. HexHub 5.03a
  A powerful and fast hub for file sharing that is based on IOCP, user-friendly and safe, with integrated flexible filters for protection against flood, spam and DDoS attacks

14. ImgSvr 0.6.21
  Developed especially for the purposes of fast and efficient browsing of digital images this embedded picture web server is a perfect choice for both business and personal usage

15. ManageEngine OpManager Voip Monitor 8.0
  A powerful and feature rich application that was developed specially for proactive monitoring and troubleshooting of VoIP network in a user-friendly and safe way

16. media hive 0.9.3
  Media Hive is a high-performance management solution that was developed especially for streaming media

17. Mizu VOIP Server 3.2.8
  Provides for conflictless and smooth integration into any type of VOIP environment in a simple and easy way

18. MobaSSH 1.0
  A freeware high-performance MS Windows server solution for SSH, feature-rich and problem-free.

19. MtiQS
  A handy and fast software solution that was ideally optimized for the purposes of on-line comparing or sharing of information with other users in safe, user- friendly and problemless way by making just a few mouse-clicks.

20. MyTunesRSS 3.6.5
  Now any embedded Tomcat server solution can be set up and managed in a user-friendly way with the help of this compact but efficient Swing interface

21. NovoCRM
  An ideal solution for businesses, which allows fast and efficient customer management on all level of the company or organization, is powerful, user-friendly and will not ruin your budget.

22. OfficeIRC Server 2.3.287
  A powerful high-performance server solution that supports Internet Relay-Chat (IRC) and related client applications like mIRC, user-friendly and trouble-free

23. PDF Automation Server 1.60
  A perfect solution for businesses and organizations developed to optimize and streamline the PDF documents processing tasks such as receiving, handling and routing in a fast, efficient and conflictless way saving lots of precious time.

24. PDF Signer Server 3.0
  Provides signatures for PDF documents on the bases of X.509 certificates, is user-friendly and efficient.

25. PlayOn 2.59.3343
  A media server with some rather interesting features you should check out

26. Simple DNS Plus 5.1 Build 132
  An efficient MS Windows-based DNS server solution that is feature-rich and user-friendly

27. Small HTTP server 3.05.85
  A compact but efficient application that will easily establish a fully-featured server on your conventional PC workstation in a user-friendly and conflictless way

28. Sysax FTP Automation 4.5
  An efficient application specially developed for the purposes of automatic establishing, debugging, scheduling and execution of file transfer on the basis of advanced scripts in a user-friendly and conflictless way.

29. TekRadius 2.9
  An efficient freeware solution that operates as a radius server with such a useful feature as the session log and event log generation, user-friendly and trouble-free

30. Tiny DHCP Server 1.4
  Provides for conflictless and user-friendly support of the unlimited number of client computers in a perfectly safe way.

31. TZO Dynamic DNS Client 3.3
  Now you can easily and in a conflictless way establish and manage your own server for any purpose - photo, web or mail - by using this powerful and user-friendly application

32. WebMerge 2.5 Beta / 2.4.1
  Now by using any conventional HTML editing tool you will easily publish on the Net all kinds of database or spreadsheet files in a simple and problem-free way

33. WendzelNNTPd 1.4.1
  A simple-to-use and freely distributed server solution for Usenet groups

34. WinPIM Data Server 3.0.55
  The data sharing over local network or Web has never been so easy and safe as it is now with the perfect WinPIM data server solution.

35. WinPowerDNS Control First Beta
  A compact server solution that is efficient, resourceful and convenient-to-use

36. WinSSHD 5.05
  Access the data and applications on your workstation remotely from anywhere by using this high-performance and safe remote administration utility.

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