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1. 123LogAnalyzer 3.20
  A handy and efficient utility for fast and reliable analysis of the traffic.

2. Abyss Web Server X1 2.6
  A personal web server for you to use that is a freeware, supports HTTP/1.1, CGI and SSI, is user-friendly, fully-functional and conflictless

3. Admin Report Kit for Windows Enterprise ARK 6.4
  Users of the Microsoft Enterprise Network should check out this high-performance and user-friendly reporting tool for their system

4. CacheRight 3.0.5
  Allows site developers to enhance the performance of IIS sites by providing reliable cache management in a conflictless way

5. CustomError 3.0.2
  The IIS web server administrators will save a lot of their time and efforts by using this convenient CustomError that will add customized error pages in a simple and conflictless way

6. DDELinkTcp 1.0 F3
  An server solution that is compact, handy and user-friendly

7. DIPLink 1.2
  This handy and efficient tool insures the operation of your web server regardless of the IP that is being currently used.

8. Document Import Kit for SharePoint 2007 DocKIT 3.4
  By using this compact and handy utility you will be able to import and migrate documents from various systems just in a few mouse-clicks!

9. Hi6000 File Sharing Server 6.24
  Makes it simple and easy to share all kinds of media and data including photos, music and videos with your buddies wherever they are.

10. Home File Server 1.4.0 Build 39
  Now the Internet update of applications can be made as easy as it has never been before with the help of this specially developed server solution

11. Home File Share Server
  A very handy Web server solution that is really easy to set up, to configure and which can be used as an FTP server as well; runs smoothly and conflictlessly

12. Home Web Server
  A compact, easy-to-use but still fully-functional Web server solution for comfortable and trouble-free use at home

13. HybridJava compiler 0.93
  A compact, easy-to-use but still fully-functional solution to help Java developers.

14. LiteServe 2.81
  A high-performance solution that can be simultaneously run as a feature-rich web, mail, ftp, and telnet server in a user-friendly and conflictless way

15. Message Synchronizer for Outlook Express
  Synchronize the messages of your Outlook Express between several workstations in a simple and conflictless way

16. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 8.1.359.2 Update Rollup 7
  Now you are provided with reliable access to your critical business communications from any location and in a user-friendly, conflictless and 100% securely protected way

17. Mini-Server 1.0
  A compacts, simple but still fully-functional HTTP server that is ideal for problem-free content upload to your website, user-friendly and safe.

18. MiniByte.Diamond
  A Web server solution that is compact, simple-to-use but is equipped with all necessary features.

19. MiniWebsvr 0.0.9
  A compact but fully functional Web server that will not consume much of the resources

20. Okapiland Explorer 2.7
  Give a try to an alternative web search interface by using this handy and user-friendly application.

21. Osiris 0.12
  Allows distribution of the copies of data saved at the portal among the local systems of all portal users providing for reliable back-up of information.

22. Plone 3.0 Build 7416
  A comprehensive and feature-rich system for content management that is user-friendly and safe

23. ProjectForum 6.3.0
  The forums were specially developed for Web and Wiki collaboration, they are professional and simple-to-use at the same time

24. Quick n Easy Web Server 3.3.5
  Quick and Easy Web Server is an efficient, flexible and fully-featured solution that runs smoothly and conflictlessly, is simple to configure and equipped with native ASP support

25. RaidenHTTPD 2.0.25
  A handy, user-friendly and feature-rich web server solution with comprehensive support of php, cgi, ssl, upnp, ics and icf; is simple to configure, runs smoothly and conflictlessly

26. RealTimeQuery 3.2
  Can be run as a server application on your local computer and allows monitoring the connections from your website in a simple and efficient way.

27. ScoreBoardSrv 1.0 Beta
  A counting down tool for gamers, simple-to-use and reliable

28. Server2Go 1.6.0
  CD-ROM Webserver is a unique portable server solution that can operate without installation, just insert the disk into the CD-Rom drive and enjoy!

29. Silver Personal Web Server 0.7.4 Beta
  A web server solution that is compact, user-friendly but still fully-functional.

30. SimpleServer WWW 1.25
  The first representative of a family of similar applications, this software solution operates as a simple, user-friendly and at the same time fully functional server for you to use

31. SurfStatsLive Reporting Server
  This Windows 2000/3 server applications ideally provides analytical reporting from your website in real time

32. TXS Tiny XML Server 0.6
  A fully-functional HTTP server that you can easily run as your own.

33. VShell Server 3.5.3 Build 516
  Suitable both for Windows and UNIX platforms, this handy application is a reasonable and securely protected alternative to conventional Telnet and FTP clients

34. Webserver Stress Tool
  By emulation of simultaneous massive connection of users to the server this application provides for a comprehensive load/performance/stress-test of the site

35. Xerver Free Web Server 4.32
  A high-performance GNU GPL Web and FTP server that can boast some advanced features.

36. Xlogan 2.01 Build 2.0.229
  Users of Apache-based servers should check out this new log file analyzer.

37. Zoom Search Engine 6.0 Build 1011
  The control over several search engines can be made fast, reliable and easy with the help of the specially optimized configuration files

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