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Office IPOD tools

1. iAppoint 0.5.1
  iAppoint is a compact but very useful application that can transfer all Outlook appointments to your favorite iPod just in a snap

2. iArt 3 3
  iArt will greatly enrich the contents of your iTunes or iPod libraries by downloading album art for them in a user-friendly and time-saving way

3. iContax 0.1
  iContax is a convenient-to-use solution for perfect creation and time-saving management of vCard contacts for your favorite iPod

4. iPodCALsync 0.2 Build 080120
  A user-friendly and time-saving utility that takes care of automatic synchronization of your iPod with Google Calendar

5. iWriter 1.2
  Now you do not have to be an experienced PC user in order to enjoy full functionality of the iPod Notes feature, the handy iWriter will do it for you in a snap

6. Memeo iPod 1.50.1011i
  Memeo is a great time management tool and organizer for all of your latest emails, it will take care of reviewing your notes, checking your calendar and contacts and much more

7. podLoadr 0.1
  Download any kind of content from the Internet or from the files on your HDD into your iPod in a simple and problem-free way with the help of this convenient podLoader tool

8. WordPod 1.2
  Convert any type of an e-book into files that you can comfortably read on your favorite modern iPod in a simple and problem-free way with the help of this convenient WordPod application

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