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Audio Editors / Recorders

1. Acoustica 4.1.0 Build 386
  Now any user will be able to record, edit and process digital audio on a conventional PC in the most simple, understandable and user-friendly way

2. AD Sound Recorder 4.4
  Enables simple and high-quality recording from a line-in, microphone, audio compact disk or Web and music player and saving the recording in WAV or MP3 format in just a few mouse clicks

3. Audio Workstation
  A powerful and comprehensive suit of software audio tools that will answer all your possible needs related to work with digital sound in any format, they can convert, grab, edit play, burn CDs and much more

4. AudioLava 1.0.0 Build 385
  The Number One software solution that is perfect for making high quality audio recording of tracks from an old LP to an audio CD, is equipped with some advanced sound enhancement and restoration features

5. AV Audio Editor 5.2
  A handy digital audio editor that is affordable and user-friendly

6. AV Audio Recorder 1.3
  Enables high-quality sound recording on your conventional PC using all possible audio inputs, supports saving files in multiple formats, is reliable and convenient-to-use

7. AV Voice Changer Software Gold Edition 7.0.15
  Will help you protect your information privacy by transforming the tonal quality of your voice to male or a female voice in just a few mouse-clicks

8. AV Voice Changer Software 7.0.15
  Makes it possible to transform the tonal quality of your voice to make it unrecognizable when speaking over Internet and PC2Phone. The voice can be recorded on the fly in a simple and user-friendly way

9. AVS Audio Recorder
  A small but fully functional audio recording tool that supports recording from a microphone, a vinyl record, an audio CD and so on

10. Call Graph
  Manage your calls in an advanced but still simple and user-friendly way with this handy solution that will record, organize and edit them for you

11. Cool MP3 Editor 1.01
  A handy feature-rich software solution for high-quality recording and editing of MP3 files with a great user-friendly graphic front end.

12. DanDans Audio Editor 9.0
  A powerful and feature-rich solution for authoring of digital audio with a great user-friendly graphic interface

13. DART Pro MT 2.0p
  The Number One software solution that will automatically enhance the sound quality of old or new audio recordings to the utmost level- and all you will have to do is just a few mouse clicks

14. Digital Audio Editor 7.8.11 Build 633
  A digital audio processing tool with such useful features as recording of either music or voice, editing of the recorded track, adding some great sound effects or mixing it with other sound fragments in the most simple, understandable and user-friendly way

15. Easy Music Composer Free 9.63b
  With this handy and convenient-to-use software application you do not have to posses any music talent or knowledge to compose a song of your own in the most simple, understandable and user-friendly way

16. Express Dictate 5.09
  A dictation recorder that is compatible with all conventional personal computers, can be handily used as a portable dock station as well

17. FoxRecorder 1.2
  A not-so-simple to use but powerful and feature-rich software solution that is perfect for recording of audio files of all possible types

18. Free Sound Recorder 7.6.1
  A user-friendly software solution for easy and simple recording of any sounds - your voice or music or anything - right on your conventional personal computer

19. Internet Music Capture
  Allows fast and simple capture of audio files from Web music stations in batch mode

20. Kat MP3 Recorder
  A compact MP3 recorder that is feature-rich, efficient and convenient-to-use.

21. MIDI Tracker 1.2.7
  This handy and user-friendly solution is a feature -rich music editing solution for Windows-based personal computers

22. Mp3 Editor for Free 3.2.7 Build 79
  A powerful and multifunctional software solution for editing digital audio files that was developed with convenience of a user in mind

23. n-Track Studio 6.0.4 Build 2468 Beta / 6.0.3 Build 2461
  A powerful and user- friendly software solution that enables high-quality audio multitrack recording and track editing; is equipped with a wide range of stunning real-time effects

24. NGWave 4.4 Build 20090404
  Enables easy and simple creation of professional-quality visual effects for representation of your sound track

25. OscilloSpectroXpro 8.1
  In a few simple and understandable steps will easily turn your conventional PC desktop into an efficient sound laboratory equipped with an oscilloscope, a sound spectrograph and even an advanced 3D spectrum analyzer

26. Plex Recorder 4.1.0
  An efficient solution that will come handy for all Skype users - it can automatically record all their calls

27. PowerGramo Professional
  A handy solution for Skype users that allows making recording of all calls in real-time

28. REAPER 2.58
  This software solution was specially developed for handy processing of digital multi-track waveform audio, it can record, arrange, edit, and render tracks in a user-friendly and problem-free way.

29. Recording to iPod Solution
  A useful software solution that can be handy for all OC users - it makes it possible to record any sound played on the system in a simple, user-friendly way and with superb quality.

30. Snooper 1.36.5
  A handy and efficient software solution for recording that is activated by a sound or a voice automatically.

31. SONEDIT 1.02 Beta
  An editing tool for digital audio that is really easy-to-use

32. Sonic Visualiser 1.5
  Optimized for Pentium4 and AMD64 processors, this handy and powerful software solution lets you view conduct comprehensive analysis of audio files contents

33. Sony ACID Pro 7.0b Build 641
  A software music workstation of the professional level, which will let you do all possible things you need to do with music: compose, record, mix and arrange audio and MIDI tracks in a user-friendly and problem-free way

34. Speak-A-Message Barack Obama Edition 3.5.1
  Now you can attach Senator Obama prerecorded statements as the headlines of any of your voice messages by making just a few mouse clicks

35. Speak-A-Message 3.5.1
  A smart and handy software solution can easily transform a written text directly into an audio recording with a tonal quality of your voice

36. Spin It Again 2.5 Build 43
  Now you can conveniently and reliable transfer the tacks from your favorite old vinyl records and cassettes to a modern audio compact disks by making just a few mouse clicks

37. StationRipper 2.92
  Enables simple and high-quality recording for Shoutcast,, and Podcasts in a user-friendly way

38. Steady Recorder 2.5
  A handy and powerful software solution with advanced audio recording and selection features

39. Super Audio Editor 3.5.1
  A powerful and fully-functional audio editing solution that was developed for convenient and simple operation

40. Super Video to Audio Converter 5.7.8
  A handy software solution for fast and simple extraction of audio tracks from any type of video files

41. Traverso 0.49.1 RC1
  A powerful and feature rich software suit of audio authoring and recording tools that runs on multiple computer platforms and is equipped with a great user-friendly graphic front-end for convenient and time-saving usage

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