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Audio Mixers / Synthesizers

1. 2710 DJ 3.1.0
  A next- generation solution for PC based DJ station, integrated with such features as audio broadcasting and karaoke, the perfect tool for the 21st century

2. AdmixDJ 2.25
  A handy solution for working with music tracks on your PC, enables change of tempo and key of mixed tracks in a simple and user-friendly way

3. AV MP3 Player Morpher 4.0.71
  Allows music morphing in a simple and problem-free way, makes it possible to edit tempo, add great-sounding effects, as well as play, record, convert formats and, at last, extract audio tracks and burn compact disks - in a problem-free way

4. AV Music Morpher Gold 4.0.71
  Easily generates morphed music, is equipped with features for track edit, makes production of customized music, DJ sets and medleys as simple and problem-free as it has never been before

5. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition 7.0.15
  Will let you become unrecognizable while voice chatting or using PC2Phone connection by building a superb nickvoice for you in just a few simple and understandable steps

6. BMS Business Music System 4.06
  A handy software solution that can be easily programmed to play background music or make announcements.

7. ClubDJ Pro VJ
  A handy and user friendly software solution for audio mixing, comes integrated with a great dual deck interface

8. CodeSimian 0.65
  A Jar file that is not only self-modifying but makes great use of JDK, MP3, microphone, AI, and even the chatbots - in a simple and user-friendly way!

9. DarkWave Studio 2.7.2
  If you have seen a famous Buzz tracker and modular studio you will know how this software that is actually a modular virtual studio operates

10. DJ Music Mixer 4.4
  Will unleash your DJ-style music talents by giving you this perfect beat-mixing DJ system which is powerful and feature-rich

11. DJ Studio Pro
  With this powerful and simple-to-use audio player anyone will become a professional DJ just in a few mouse clicks! Creating mixes of your favorite tracks has never been so easy before!

12. DJ Twist & Burn 1.0.3 Build 147
  Work upon your melodies the way you want with this compact solution that brings amazing warp, bend and mix effect to your sound creations

13. djDecks
  A computer based music mixing solution that is suitable for both professionals and absolute beginners; you should try it out right now!

14. DrumCore Demo 2.0.2 Build 24
  Enables a music fan to build amazing-sounding MIDI loops, supports drag and drop function and emulates a MIDI drum instrument for playing and creating beats in a user-friendly and problem-free way

15. e-mix Home Edition
  Now the problem of great-sounding music mixing for any premises - bars, clubs, private parties- is settled once and forever with this simple and powerful PC solution!

16. e-mix Pro Edition
  A great DJ MP3 audio solution to be used conveniently by both professionals and amateurs in bars, night clubs and discotheques!

17. energyXT 2.5
  An efficient digital audio solution developed as an advanced sequencer utility, which perfectly supports amazing professional effects and is richly equipped in VST instruments features

18. FabFilter One 3.05
  Try out this handy FabFilter One plug-in that is an extremely advanced synthesizer module, which offers you unbelievable enhancement of all possible parameters of effects and sound filtering.

19. FutureDecks Pro 1.3.1
  You do not have to be a professional DJ for making great mixes of songs by using instant beat-matching, loops, effects and much more of amazing features

20. HighC 2.6
  An innovative software solution that makes creation of music as simple and easy as a conventional pencil sketching on a piece of paper.

21. Jamstix 2.5.1
  Enables a music fan to build a multitude of realistically sounding drum sessions and offers absolute control over the each beat of the tracks due to the integrated authoring function

22. Mixcraft Recording Studio 4.5 Build 116
  An incomparably user-friendly software recording studio solution with perfect multitrack effects support that you have always dreamed about

23. MixMeister Fusion Video
  The live DJ performers will find handy this powerful and feature rich audio and video mixing system that has no competitors in the relevant software market segment.

24. MixMeister Fusion
  Unleash your musical creativity with the amazing MixMeister Fusion solution that is 100% guaranteed to take your music much farther then conventional beat mixing.

25. MixVibes Cross 1.1.5
  A state-of-the -art software DJ solution that supports multiple platforms with ease.

26. MU.LAB Free 2.5.7
  With this unique user-friendly software package you will get the ultimate software musical tool that was specially developed to unleash your musical creativity to the uttermost level!

27. Music Editor Free 7.3.1
  A handy and really user-friendly software solution that will let you edit audio files in just a few simple and understandable steps.

28. OpenSebJ 0.43 Beta
  A handy and user-friendly solution that you can use to mix your audio files and compose great-sounding music of your own

29. Orion 7.620
  A handy and simple to use software tool that will help you make your own music mixes in a user-friendly way

30. Pad Maker 1.1
  A PC based software solution that emulates several oscillators and not just that

31. PCDJ VJ 5.2
  The perfect software solution for advanced entertainers that covers all possible need to make a great live performance

32. ProDJLive 1.010
  Turns your conventional personal computer into a great-sounding DJ station suitable both for nightclubs or just enthusiasts of great dancing music, and it is now is just a click away.

33. resonance 1.0
  For all enthusiasts of concentration, meditation, and relaxation mind techniques this handy and simple-to-use ambient sound mixer will generate the great-sounding binaural tone that will greatly enhance the efficiency of your sessions

34. Sound Mill
  A 21st century music managing station that transform your conventional PC into an engine that will unleash your wildest sound ideas with the help of amazing sound effects that are just a click away

35. StationPlaylist Creator 4.20.13
  A great tool for making professional-looking playlists and scheduling spots in just a few mouse clicks

36. Tinnitus Masker Pro 6.2
  Now your precious Tinnitus can be masked in just a few mouse clicks

37. Trevors Music Mixer 1.33.1
  Creates professional custom playlists for you in just a few mouse clicks

38. UltraMixer Free 2.3.6
  A PC based DJ station to make great music mixes in a snap

39. Wusikstation VSTi 5.8.0
  A handy and powerful Vector and Wave sequencer of a Hybrid type that can be easily used in combination with a VST Hosts

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