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Audio Players

1. A4Desk Flash Music Player 2.11
  A universal software suit of comprehensive tools for simple and easy building of your own Flash music player

2. Aktiv Player
  Unleash the music playing potential of your PC with this powerful and user-friendly Aktive Player! solution

3. Alpha 2 Player 2.3.0
  A handy and multifunctional utility that will help you do playing out audio filers, converting them into other formats and authoring tag data, also can be used as an Internet radio player as well.

4. ALSong 1.9
  A compact and convenient to use utility for playing music on your PC

5. Amazing Slow Downer
  Will let you slow down the music while retaining the original pitch while playing it back in real-time

6. BoxEasy Jukebox 1.9.3
  A Windows-based media player and organizer for media files that is essentially oriented at folder and file names information rather than embedded tag data.

7. CD-Runner 2009.01
  Will enable automatic identification and reproduction of any type of media files, from audio compact disks to MP3 in a user friendly and time saving way

8. Disco XT 5.2.4
  A powerful and versatile system for DJ mixing, integrates stunning audio effects and automix function

9. Donar Player
  A second to none software music organizer and player with support of all popular formats.

10. Express Scribe 4.31
  This is a handy and simple-to-use player for digital music files

11. Fennec 1.2 Beta 2.1
  A handy and multifunctional utility that will perfectly do a lot of multimedia-related tasks for you, such as playing files, conversion between the formats, extracting tracks from audio compact disks, joining, editing tags data and many more. Try it out!

12. Groovy Media Player 1.1.0
  Just make a mouse click and feel groove!

13. J River Media Center 13.0.145
  A handy software solution of "all-in-one" type that can easily and efficiently manage and play media files on your conventional PC

14. Jaangle formerly Teen Spirit 0.96b Build 910
  Try this new solution and forget about the ancient ways to manage audio tracks on your PC

15. JaMP Player
  A Spartan-looking utility that is a simple audio player without support of tags and skins

16. JMP3Player 0.3.3
  A simple and efficient audio player with all necessary basic features, convenient and user-friendly

17. Kat Player
  This is a handy and simple-to-use player and organizer solution for digital music files that is a freeware program

18. LiquoricePlayer 1.0 Beta 1
  A versatile solution for playing music on your PC that supports multiple formats and lets you listen to Web radio stations as well.

19. MP3 Player 1.0
  A really user-friendly and very compact solution that will let you enjoy mp3 music right on you PC

20. Musicmatch Jukebox Basic 10.00.4033
  An application for reproduction of media files that is really worth trying out

21. MuzicMan 5.13 Build 301
  A comprehensive package of tools to satisfy all possible needs related to music reproduction and processing on a personal computer

22. Muziic Player 1.143
  Enjoe thousands and thousands of digital song brought straight to your familiar desktop just in a mouse-click

23. OrangeCD Player 6.3.1 Build 13515
  A Spartan-looking compact disk player that supports CDDB/FreeDB just fine

24. Player 1.6.0
  A user-friendly and simple tool that easily edits tags for audio and video files; plays them back and is equipped with many more exciting features that you should try out right now!

25. QuickPlayer 1.00 Beta 64
  A media player for Windows personal computers that is feature-rich and creates handy playlist in a snap.

26. Solo Performer Show Controller 4.0.1
  Any solo musician is surely to find this handy software tool just the thing he has been looking for.

27. Sound Byte 3.8.0 b5 / 3.7.0
  A radio based software for complete automation of cart rack machine operations.

28. Soundbase 2009.04.06
  A handy and efficient "all-in-one" solution that will facilitate a lot of tasks for you, including editing tags and keeping your files in perfect searchable order, saving you lots of time

29. Sounder
  Lets you launch a conventional WAV file directly from the command line of your personal computer in a simple way

30. Tuniac 090310
  A simple and handy player that can be used with almost all popular audio formats.

31. VIP Rumor Player
  This innovative software solution lets you comfortably enjoy the music on your PC as well as includes state-of the-art features you will not find elsewhere

32. X2 Media Player
  A media player solution that is compact and versatile, supports all popular media formats such as OGG, MP3, WMA, WAV, MIDI, XM, S3M, IT and MOD in a user-friendly and problem free way

33. Xion Audio Player 1.0 Build 112 Beta / 1.0 Build 100
  An audio player that you have been dreaming about now is being brought directly to your desktop and it is not a dream! Try it out!

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