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Audio Plugins

1. 1Blue Cats Stereo Triple EQ 3.2
  A handy stereo semi-parametric equalizer solution with a great-looking graphic interface and 3 bands

2. Aspect 1.2.2
  An audio software tool that emulates a 32-note polyphonic musical instrument with intuitive user-friendly interface

3. ATSurround Processor for Winamp 1.00
  Users of a 5.1 PC sound system will benefit from this handy solution that can extract the encoded surround information automatically

4. BeaTunes 2.0.3
  The handy and compact beaTunes solution can bring some fresh excitement to your last mix of CDs songs in your play-list by automatically shuffling them for you!

5. BitPolice 1.03
  A handy tool that automatically analyzes any type of a DirectX audio plug-in module saving you lots of precious time

6. Blue Cats Stereo Phaser 2.4
  The well-known older analog Phaser sound effect is now available in a newer stereo version.

7. DCOffset 1.02
  A unique plug-in module that will efficiently provide for DC offset effects and enhance maximum dynamic range and bit utilization significantly.

8. DFX Audio Enhancement for J.River Media Center 9.102
  DFX Audio Enhancement is a great tool for all users of a J.River Media center player that was developed for efficient enhancement of the sound quality.

9. DFX Audio Enhancer for DivX Player 8.501
  Will transform your conventional personal computer into a high fidelity stereo sound system in a user-friendly and problem- free way

10. DFX for Musicmatch 9.102
  A Musicmatch Jukebox is a software solution to be used as a decent sound processor

11. DFX for RealPlayer/RealOne 8.501
  RealPlayer / RealOne player is a high-quality software solution that will actually produce high fidelity sound for you to enjoy

12. DGenR8 2.8.4
  A great plug-in module that emulates cool beat box sound in the style of the 90's that you would really enjoy.

13. discoDSP HighLife R3
  This powerful and user-friendly discoDSP HighLife solution will come really handy as a great performance sampler with a sample editor, VSTi sampling support, five cool integrated effects and many other useful features

14. Dolet for Finale 4.7
  By using this handy plug-in module with your conventional software for writing music notation program you will be able to process files in MusicXML 1.1 format in a problem-free way

15. DXPad 1.05
  This is handy and compact notepad solution developed on the basis of a DirectX Audio plug-in

16. Gate 1.01
  A sound effect that is one of the most useful and effective, try it out.

17. Manifold 1.2.2
  This powerful software solution was developed as an audio effect processor for efficient sound quality improvement. Makes it sound better, larger, deeper, higher and more impressive - in just a few mouse clicks

18. Olga 1.02
  You will be able to improve the sound quality significantly with this efficient and handy audio filter solution

19. Phase 1.01
  A handy plug-in module that enables problem-free inversion of a DirectX-based audio streams

20. Poise
  A handy and user-friendly version of a quick drum sampler that is at the same time fully-functional and feature-rich and can produce an excellent range of samples fully suitable for a decent drum kit.

21. Red Phatt Pro 1.0.1
  A handy VST processor that takes care of dynamics

22. Resound 1.2.2
  A software solution that brings great audio delay effect to your PC

23. SampleSlide 1.04
  A unique plug-in module that enables problem-free delay of any type of DirectX Audio stream even in samples, not just in milliseconds as usual

24. Scratch 1.06
  An interesting audio software module that emulates actual DJ scratching samples in a user-friendly way

25. Stereo Tool 3.50
  A handy freeware plug-in module for your conventional Winamp player with sound effects features

26. Streamripper for Winamp 2 & 5 1.64.6
  Will automatically log-in to web -servers with MP3 music streams, such as Shoutcast, and record the tracks saving them as individual files on your HDD in a user-friendly and time-saving way

27. Super MIDI Scripter 9.08
  A handy VSTi with support of MIDI scripting

28. UpStereo 2.0 Beta / 1.01
  A handy additional VST software module developed to enhance stereo sound performance

29. vielklang 1.5.1
  Allows lightning fast emulation of stunning-sounding choir or brass sections over the audio input.

30. Vocal Remover DirectX 1.04
  Make you Karaoke talents be discovered by your buddies with this handy and nice-looking audio solution for Karaoke singing

31. Vocoder 1.02
  This unconventional Vocoder utility will add amazing speech-like effects to the familiar sound of any instrument.

32. Voxengo Beeper 2.0
  With this handy Voxengo Beeper auxiliary plug-in it will be easy and simple to insert cool -sounding short beeps into the application that your are developing

33. Voxengo Latency Delay 2.0
  Efficiently compensate the sound latency with this smart and powerful Latency Delay plug-in in a problem-free way

34. Voxengo MSED 2.0
  This handy MSED was specially developed as a mid/side encoder/decoder plug-in for simple and efficient encoding-based half-by-half splitting of the incoming stereo sound signal

35. Voxengo Overtone GEQ 1.7
  A fully functional and feature rich Voxengo Overtone GEQ solution is great graphic equalizer tool for your PC, it is equipped with rich 7-band harmonic and full multi-channel support

36. Voxengo Sound Delay 1.2
  An additional software audio module that ideally does the job of signal delaying

37. Voxengo Stereo Touch 2.0
  A handy additional software module to enhance the mono pad sounds and the like.

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